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Since it has been so long since I had updated I thought today I would share our most recent family photos with you all :) It has been a few months since these were taken and I am amazed as I look at them now how much more Elijah has grown since then! Time really does fly! :)

We are blessed to have a photographer in the family! My sister-in-law has her own business Anna Cerasani Photography. We have fallen in love with her style of photography as well as how family friendly she is and how fast and efficient she it (which is wonderful when you have a 15 month old as well as a husband that does not like getting his pictures taken lol).

Please check out her facebook page! :)

Elijah Samuel.
All boy.

So sweet.
Already a Leader.

 So lovable.
So loving.

All smiles.
Silly laugh.

He absolutely adores his Daddy! 

He also adores any kind of ball he can get his hands on!
Ping pong balls. 
Tennis balls.
And of course foot balls! :)

He is definitely Mama's little man :)

My love and I :)

How blessed I am to have a man like him :)

Two years later and more in love then the day we married :) 

Soon our family will be adding a new little guy but we will always
remember the days when it was just us three :)

Thanks to Anna Cerasani Photography for capturing memories for us!

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4 Thoughts

  1. Oh I LOVE the picture of his cute and chubby. HA HA! He looks so much like his :)

  2. You have a beautiful family! I can't believe how big your little man is getting.

  3. Love these pictures! I can't believe how big Elijah is getting!

  4. Oh, it's good to "hear" from you again! You all are beautiful as usual and I'm so excited for you with the new little man coming!
    Through Christ


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