Who Am I?

Yours Truly-

Meet Katy. I am a Lover of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Wife to my prince, Mama of my little man and keeper of our home. I love blogging, photography, time with friends and family, laughing, making others laugh, thrift stores, bargains, entertaining in our home, learning about more natural ways of life, cooking and creating in my kitchen, living frugally, blessing others as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics,  and creating a cozy haven for my husband. I seek to please my Jesus in everything I do. It is not about a religion but a relationship with Him and that is definitely a journey in and of itself! I pray this journey will bless each and every one of my readers.

My Prince-

Meet Jason. He is a Juggler and Balloon Artist, friend, mentor to many, sports loving, people loving, amazing man. I love his zeal for the Lord, fun loving ways, integrity, perseverance, hard work and his passion for life. He is my rock and I could not imagine my life without him!

Our First Little Man-

Meet Elijah Samuel. He is the joy of our lives and was born April 17, 2012. He is the sweetest little man and makes our lives so much brighter! He is fearless and so brave (meaning has no fear so gives Mama heart attacks every once in awhile LOL). He knows what he wants and will go to great lengths to get it. He adores horses as well as any kind of ball as long as it will bounce!

Our Second Little Man-

Meet Micah Daniel. Our second blessing from the Lord it is hard to remember what life was like before him! Born December 14, 2013 he has brought so much joy from the very beginning! He has a very mellow personality (unless he is in his car seat for too long) and is full of smiles :) It is so neat to watch him and Elijah interact and I am so excited to see him continue to learn and grow! 

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