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How has it been almost a year since I have taken up the pen so to speak and shared my life on this blog? 

The older I get (I am approaching 27 faster then I care to think about lol) the faster time goes by. How is it that the days can seem to last forever but then the years just move so fast? 

The last time I blogged Clara was not even born yet (dont worry I will be sharing her birth story soon) and here almost a year later there have been some definite changes!

Jason FINALLY has a diagnosis-he has been chronically ill our entire marriage and in July 2016 we found out what he is sick with and has been sick with for at least 8+ years. 
    • Lymes Disease
    • Bartenella Disease (which is a co-infection of the lymes)
    • Chemical Sensitivity (so going chemical free and organic as much as possible
    • A suppressed immune system
    • Multiple mineral deficiencies

That baby girl that was in my belly the last time you heard from me? Well she is almost 11 months old!

We started a family business selling Lularoe clothing out of our home (we also go to peoples homes as well). Six months in we have been doing so well Jason resigned from his job as a corrections officer to come home for good and work together selling clothing (what a journey that has been wow)!

    I have been struggling with my weight and health in a whole new way this past year especially after having Clara. I have been learning a lot though and with the help of some amazing counselors am growing and learning each week...sometimes I feel like there is no progress but the struggle is making me appreciate this journey and any victories no matter how small they may seem. Also, since I have started wearing Lularoe it has helped me to find beauty in where I am at not where I want to be (at least 30 pounds lighter) and that is huge for my confidence as I continue to work on becoming as healthy as possible!

    This past year I have really had to come to terms with some really deep deep struggles in my walk with God and ,as a result, I have been learning all over again who God is. Who He REALLY is not just who I have made him out to be in my mind...

    Elijah is four years old and Micah is three-how did that happen? I will be starting to homeschool soon and I cant wait to share that with all of you (as well as have it help me keep on track LOL).

    We have started to delve even deeper into Essential oils as well as food for fuel and health and that is a huge way we are going to be attacking Jason's health issues. I am excited to learn as much as I can about it! 

    I feel like this past year I had to go through a lot of painful stripping away and I was numb in the midst. Now even though I feel like we are still treading water a lot of the time-I have started to process and feel ready to share the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly!

    So are you ready? I am! Let the crazy journey begin! 

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    4 Thoughts

    1. Glad you are back, but I am sorry to read about all Jason's health issues! That must be hard! Praying for you guys as you try to figure out how to proceed health-wise!

      1. Thanks I missed it so much and am so excited to be back! And thank you for the prayers definitely is alot of guessing and experimenting and sometimes it gets exhausting! :)

    2. Your kids are getting so big and they are all adorable! The boys definitely look like Jason! Clara does too but I see more of you in her.

      I am SO HAPPY to hear that Jason finally has a diagnosis. I will definitely be praying for him.

      Congrats on the weight loss!

      1. Arent they big though!? Clara I think does favor me more :) And Jason it is so nice to just know WHAT we are fighting!! And the weight loss we will see what happens ugh! Def a long process! :)


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