2 years, 2 weeks and 22 years old

9:11 AM

The last two days were special days!!!! Ok, so we can all say that each day the Lord gives us is special but some are just more special than others! :)

Two days ago marked two years since I had met Jason. In my mind I was finally surrendered to being a very single missionary nurse. And I was content with that!

But then a friend from my girls Bible study told me about this other Bible study she had been going to on Sunday nights. Then she casually mentioned that there was a guy leading it named Jason....who was my age and    single. Ahem. Do you know how few and far between guys who are serious enough to be leading a Bible study and are single can be? In my case that had never been. At all. Anywhere close.

Well, that I knew of. I found out later after saying over and over again I would never find a husband in good ole' NY that Jason had lived about 20 minutes away from me almost my entire life. Ahem.

So anyway, I noticed him right away and for some reason was drawn to him. He was such a godly leader, powerful prayer warrior and looked really handsome in that white button down shirt and khakis! :) So I went away crying and telling the Lord I was not even going to think about guys I was devoted and finally content with being single and a missionary nurse...I prayed that for a few months but nothing seemed to happen! In fact, the Lord kept putting Jason in my path more often!!! :)

First picture we ever had taken together :)
First picture we ever had taken JUST us (no cropping required lol)
Very Early on Jason showing me how to do balloon animals ;)

Well, one year and two months TO THE DAY that we met (true to his sister Sarah's prediction) this happened:

I married my prince. The Love of my life. The greatest gift that God had ever given me and oh it was so worth the wait! I smile when I look at the couple in these pictures :) We had no idea what the next few months would bring or what challenges we would face or how much we would grow. We had no idea how God would prove Himself to us over and over again in so many amazing ways!

2 days ago marked 2 years of knowing each other but-it also marked 10 months of marriage. So much has happened in the past 10 months it has absolutely blown my mind. And yet there we were 2 days ago-2 weeks away from another big change in our life story:

We are still waiting on our little man's appearance! I am 38 weeks now and SO READY for him to be here ;) I can hardly wait to meet him! Life is going to change forever in a good way :)

What a special day! Wow! Ok, so then yesterday was a special day as well! My prince turned 22 years old! And yes-I signed the note I put in his lunch today "Your loving 21 year YOUNG wife". Ahem. We didn't celebrate yesterday because he had to work anyway so we celebrated a few days earlier :) It is funny just because he is so funny with his meal choices.

He wanted sausages, broccoli and guacamole. And no desert-just fresh berries. When asked what he wanted for a gift he thought about it and then said: "Car wax". Ok.

We went shopping for his dinner and then came home and opened presents. It was a lot of fun! In our family birthdays have always been a HUGE deal so even if your don't get a lot of stuff you still get to have your special day :)

The only reason I included this picture was so you all could see my almost 38 week belly. This baby is getting bigger and bigger!!!

Getting ready to eat the strawberry shortcake with homemade strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries, kiwis and cool whip on top. Yumminess!!! :) He was annoyed he had to wait to have a pic snapped before digging in lol :)

All in all it was a very good day and week and 2 years! I am so blessed to have this man in my life and I can hardly wait to spend the next 50 years by his side Lord willing :)

Have a blessed day!

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3 Thoughts

  1. Aww! You two are too cute! And a Happy Birthday to Jason!

  2. I love that blue and green dress you're wearing Katy! So cute :) Those pics of Jason are hilarious ;) God bless you both (I mean 3 ;)

  3. I love you new banner up top with the clothes pins!!

    "21 years young" lol hahahhahahaha love it!

    Jason's faces heehee!

    Awwwww, look at your belly!!

    So excited about Elijah coming soon! My mom said tell you you hello and that the kids miss you guys and are praying for the baby! they wish they could see you both again!

    Tell Jason I said hi and happy b-day to the "old" man.
    oh. wait. I'm 23....ok never mind. He is still young!


    love ya!


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