DIY Curtains (If I can do it YOU can)

8:22 AM

I told you about my recent addiction to  discovery of  PINTEREST. Ahem. Well, I recently completed my first project that I found on pinterest. I had been wanting to buy curtains for the master bathroom and the main bathroom. If you remember this is what we had to do in the meantime:
Ok, that was one of the things we had to do in the meantime considering that the other part of the time we had a towel hanging to completely cover the window. So. Tacky.

So I got on pinterest and searched curtains. And I found this tutorial that I promptly pinned to my DIY Home Projects Board. But then I decided that I also wanted to actually make the curtains! And the Lord provided as He always does! We have a church thrift store and one day I went in and got some great treasures. One thing I found was this amazing fabric that the man running the store GAVE ME FOR FREE! 

So I went home and was trying to decide what on earth I wanted to make and then realized something. The colors not only completely matched my purple bathroom but also matched my blue bathroom! And just like the Lord loves to do-there was exactly enough for two curtains. What a blessing! So I got to work: 

The amazing fabric that the Lord blessed me with-the blue matches the master bathroom exactly and the purple matches the main bathroom exactly! I love that about God :)

Super easy to make-Basically you:
 measure the curtain,
 fold and iron an edge down,
fold over once again,

 then sew. 
So simple!

And there are the finished products! Please excuse the photo quality! But you get the idea :) The only thing left to do is move the curtain rods themselves down a bit so the curtains actually cover all of the window sill!

Overall though it was a super easy project that took barely any time and it was free! I mean how much better can you get then that!? :)

Ok, in other news:

I have less than 2 1/2 weeks till I am due. I am full term now so this means that I could have him anytime and I am so ready for him to come!!!! Whew. I am beginning to think that I am going to be pregnant forever! It is so funny because I have been pregnant for so long and then all the sudden-I am not going to be pregnant very much longer! How can time go so fast yet so slow? 

I am super thankful for my sister Jen being here! She has been living in Florida since January and what a blessing it has been having her around! It has been neat to see how God is growing out friendship and it has really helped with the whole loneliness aspect!

As for other lessons the Lord is teaching me? Well, I might have to do another whole post on that! However, today I woke up early to get Jason off to work and after deciding it would be worthless to go to bed again I got on facebook and came across this status from one of my good friends:

"We claim to be Christians. We say that we love Him. BUT how much time do we honestly spend with Him daily?!? How much time do we spend in the Word? Talking to Him? Listening? We want to be deep but we invest so little...."

That really got me thinking and then got me convicted. So, I am off to eat breakfast and spend some much needed time with my Savior in the Word and prayer as well as journaling. I have not been investing as much time as I need to be in my RELATIONSHIP with Him and today is no better day than to start afresh!

What about you? How are you doing to spend your day today? 


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5 Thoughts

  1. Cute Curtains! I love Pinterest too, but I've yet to actually make anything I've pinned yet. I'm thinking I may need to change that come summer break. =)

  2. Yeah now I am going ok what next from all my million pins lol :) I didn't know you have pinterest! I will have to look you up :)

  3. You look sooo cute in both those pictures Katy! Love the one of you methodically leaning over your project ;) Curtains turned out great girl!

    1. Awww thank you so much girl! :) Jen was having fun with the camera that is for sure lol :)

  4. Such a creative little momma! love the photo angles!


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