5 Months...

10:04 AM

September 17, 2012

Dear Baby Boy,

How is it possible that you are five months old? It seemed as though five months took forever to go by when I was pregnant with you-

and now that you are here...it just seems as though the last five months have flown by! You went from this tiny little thing:

to this...not so tiny big (ok big to me here people lol) boy:

Happy Five Month Birthday Little Man! 

This last month has been AMAZING just the difference in your personality. You are becoming such a little character! Here are some highlights:

  • You are such a little ham. Always smiling! 

  • You talk ALOT. Daddy says that you are just getting it out right now and you will talk less as you get older. I think that is just hopeful thinking considering he is already married to a chatter box!! :) The cutest thing is that you actually have inflection and it really does sound like you are carrying on a  conversation!

  • You are eating solids! You especially like sweet potatoes. It is so funny when you first try a new fruit or veggie-your face is priceless!

 "What was that Mama? I have peas all over my face?"

"Oh, well thank you for telling me..."

"...I will just wipe that right off."
  • You adore your Daddy! It melts my heart to see you two together! Your favorite place in the world is on his shoulders with your little hands buried in his hair! 
  • You now have your own crib! it was a blessing from the Lord for sure! We found a $325 crib on Craigslist for $50! The Lord always provides!!

  • We made a big trip to Florida and back! We had to go and get our stuff from our house there and bring it back here. It was a long trip but you did SO WELL! Since we have gotten back there has been a lot of organizing etc...you have been champ through it all! We have been the labor and you have been management ;)

Even though these five months have not been what Mama envisioned your first five months to be they have been wonderful in every way! See baby boy, Mama did not want things to be so crazy (moving and living with family and new jobs) and had planned to have you on a schedule etc...but, it just has not worked that way and you have been a trooper through it all! You are so laid back and just go with the flow and what a blessing that is!

By the way I am thinking he looks like me. Thoughts? Who do you think he looks like more? Jason or I?

I love you so much my sweet baby boy! You bring so much joy to our lives! My prayer for you is that you grow to love Jesus more than anyone or anything and serve Him with your whole heart.

I love you little man!


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8 Thoughts

  1. He is so cute!! :) That's funny how that is...the things we wouldn't have "planned that way" (i.e. your move with him so small!) often turn out to be some of the best memories later on. :)

    1. Thank you! And yes it is so so true they turn into great memories :)

  2. He is so cute and chubby!! I think he has Jason's eyes and your nose and smile. He is just soo cute! And I am not biased about this opinion. I may be his auntie....but nope not biased. lol

    1. Awww of course you aren't biased Auntie Rebecca ;) Hehe :) We love you! I can't wait till we can see eachother again!

  3. Wow! He is getting SO big!! Our boys are very close in age...mine is 20 weeks (5 months exactly on the 23rd) and it is so cute to see their similarities. :) Elijah looks like his daddy and has a bit of you in him too. Ha Ha! I live in NY too...it would be great to meet sometime! I live near Niagara Falls...if you ever come this way, let me know and maybe we can get together! :)

    1. OH MY GOODNESS! I am like an hourish away from Niagra Falls! How cool is that? It would be so fun to meet sometime :)

  4. Oh, I can't decide who he looks more like... In that photo of you holding him close, he does look like you, but in all the others I think he looks very much like Jason... Now that I'm looking again, I'm agreeing with Rebecca - he's scored your nose! :) xx

    1. Lol well at least the nine months of carrying scored me giving him my nose ;) Lol :) I def think he is a mix! Hugs!


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