His Grace

10:50 AM

Today has been one of those days. Actually mornings because it is not even 12pm yet! Things have been in chaos and, while we are making a dent in the stuff we brought back from Florida, there is still much to go.

So I got on facebook this morning and saw a link to a post entitled Five Words Mom's Need to Hear. So, I clicked on it (as you should, you will not regret it) and was so blessed!

I love how the Lord does that! The reminders He gives us right when we need them MOST!

My reminder today: "He has grace for that."

He has grace for my baby being so fussy and not pacified with anything.

He has grace for the chaos that comes from moving from Florida to NY...again.

He has grace for exhaustion.

He has grace for the little frustrations in life.

He has grace for the goals I want to meet but have not yet.

He has grace for the lessons He is trying to teach me and I am just having a hard time getting.

He has grace!

Thank the Lord for that!

And I am thanking the Lord for this:

All Pics taken by a sweet friend in FL :)

Because even though some days are hard-God has grace for that and I would not trade being a wife and Mama for the world!

Today I am clinging to His grace!

 How about you?

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