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Life right now is so sweet...

It is ever changing, ever moving, getting busier- but, oh so sweet!

Things have been really quiet around here but Lord willing that will slowly begin to change! I realized that I was living life in order to blog. Not good for me! So now, I am trying to live life in such a way that if I want to blog about it I can but-I am not going to worry about trying to make something happen just so I can blog about it!

So as I have said-life right now is ever changing!


The gluten free lifestyle is going well! The difference between Jason eating wheat and not eating wheat is absolutely amazing! He has gone from an exhausted, sick person with no energy to a person that is full of energy and life!

As for gluten free cooking-I am loving it! There are SO many things that you can do and they are so fun to try! Honestly it is a lot of cooking from scratch and banning most processed foods! Look for some recipes coming soon ;)

As for Elijah-he will be six months old on October 17th! How time truly does fly! He is such a joy and adds so much to our lives!!

He is incredibly determined. If he sees something he wants then he goes for it! I am excited about him crawling but somewhat nervous too because I know once he starts going I will be hard pressed to catch up with him!! :)

He is so happy! Truly, I get comments all the time about how happy and content he is! He is so full of LIFE! I love seeing the world through his eyes!! :)

He is SUCH a character! He is so funny and makes the most hysterical expressions sometimes! I can hardly wait till he has words to put with his expressions! I am sure that he will have us laughing all the time :)

Speaking of laughing-We got this video last night and I thought I would share it with you all! He has such a laugh I just LOVE IT! :) Hope it makes you smile as well:

There are some other things going on BUT I am not ready to reveal just quite yet so stay tuned for another exciting life change coming very soon!!! :)

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2 Thoughts

  1. THAT VIDEO WAS SO CUTE! I love his giggle! So glad that the gluten free seems to be helping Jason! BTW, what is the necklace Elijah is wearing? Is it for teething??

  2. Elijah is just adorable! I haven't read your blog in a while so I was surprised to see how big he is already - time sure does slip by!

    We've got about 5 more weeks before our little boy is due to arrive and I'm getting so anxious!


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