My Work Out Fiasco!

10:29 PM

UPDATE: Scroll down to the bottom to read what I did AFTER the fiaso at 1am!

I just thought tonight I would share with you a story. A somewhat amusing story. That story starts with these two words:

working out.

I hate those two words. Just being real here.

I always have!

In fact, I tell people that working out goes against my religious principles. Ahem.

BUT, today, I decided to work out!
I have been trying to start working out more regularly and I also have been wanting to for my husband.

So, today I got up and got on one of these:


Oh yes, I was doing good. So I went five minutes and then-my sweet boy woke up.

An hour (ish) passed and the baby was back down (OK, so it must have been more then an hour) so I decided to tackle that treadmill once more.

I turned on so praise music on Pandora (oh yes, this treadmill is high tech you can get on the internet while attempting to running) and off I went.

Things were going beautifully!

Until I got to the 10 minute mark. Actually it was more around the 10 minute 30 second mark. I was almost half way through and I thought I would close my eyes to focus.

Even though a fleeting thought went through my mind questioning the wisdom of that, I cheerfully ignored it and started to "focus".


All the sudden my foot went through the little dividing wall behind me. Don't worry, we were going to demolish it anyway so I just got a head start on it!


All the sudden instead of my feet being on the treadmill, it was my knees-and the treadmill was STILL GOING!

Lesson #1: You know that red thing they have you attach to your person when you are on a treadmill? It is wise to use them ESPECIALLY if a fleeting thought goes through your mind about how you should put it on. Did I mention fleeting? Because I decided I did not need to heed it. Boy, did I pay.

See, if you do not have that thing on when you fall off the treadmill the treadmill will not stop. In fact, it will continue to go.

In my case it continued to go at a rapid speed brush burning both knees to the point they bled. I didn't notice that at this point because I was trying to reach the red STOP button!

Finally I reached it and sat panting on the treadmill audrenaline pumping.

My Mother-in-law by this time had reached me and was behind me.

I didn't even feel anything! Yet.

My audrenaline was pumping so hard that when she asked if I wanted her to go get Jason (he was splitting wood outside) I seriously thought: Oh it is not that bad I shouldn't bother him.

Thankfully I did not go with that and he came running in to survey the damage.

Lets just say I hold the record in the family now for worst brush burns ever!

And while they are wrapped in gauze soaking up neosporin (WITH pain reliever thankfully lol) I write this to you my dear readers as a lesson to learn-

working out is DANGEROUS!

Well, ok, so it is not always dangerous...just wear that little clip thing when you work out on the treadmill.

 Also when you focus...just do it with your eyes open. It makes things a whole lot less painful in the long run!! ;)

So what am I going to do for working out now?

Well, I will not give it up!

Instead, my feet will be on my living room floor as I do a dvd work out...I think it will be safer that way! ;)

Hope you got a chuckle or at least a smile and have a blessed night! :)

My small update:

I typed the final words, hit publish, shared my post on my Facebook Page and went to bed. Because my knees were hurting enough to make it hard to walk my sweet husband said that he would help me with the baby in the night if I needed it.

Boy, did he not know what he was getting into!

All the sudden they were coming after me so I dove for cover and...

...woke up on the floor by my dresser with Jason standing over my going "Are you ok?" and my knees throbbing even MORE then usual.

Apparently, Jason was roused from sound sleep at 1am by his wife (that would be me folks) screaming and DIVING off our bed.

Guess where I landed?

Oh yes, on my knees.

So that resulted in getting up, going to the living room, putting on more neosporin, changing my bandages, getting a drink and then Jason getting a bowl of cereal.

I went back to bed and just laughed!

I mean really...what are the odds!?

Just goes to show...the effects treadmills can have on you-even your sleep ;)

Have a great day!

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9 Thoughts

  1. chuckle? more like a gasp! I'm glad you're okay Katy! I wish I lived nearby you so we could walk around the block together with your sweet baby boy. :) one day maybe!

    1. Aww you are so sweet Rachael :) thank you :) And I wish we could go on walks together! That would be awesome!!!

  2. oh my goodness i did not expect this to be so funny lol
    At first i was worried like 'oh no!' but i continued to read and was like LOL!!

    Do feel better though :)

  3. Oh wow! That's awful but hilarious too! Treadmills can be scary, I must say. I only use them on low speed. ;) I think your DVD workout sounds like a good plan! Feel better soon :)

  4. Moral of the story: Working out is bad. Treadmills are evil. Katy has vivid dreams. =P Glad you're "okay" and I hope your knees heal up quick!

  5. Oh Katy, that's awful! Funny, but awful! I hope your knees heal up quickly!

  6. This happened to me too! Isn't that one of the moments where one of the things going through your head afterwards is "Well, I'm glad nobody saw THAT one!". Knee burns are so painful :(
    But, Katy, don't worry about getting a treadmill and stuff like that... once your little man starts running, you'll have PLENTY of workout ;)

  7. This made me LOL so hard. Not at your pain, but because it is something that I totally would end up doing. Probably at the gym though so everyone could see me make a fool of myself. :P Hope your knees are feeling better!

    P.S Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

  8. Oh really painted a pretty hysterical picture!! The first time I read this I really had a good laugh...too bad you were hurt. And then to fall out of bed like that on top of it all? Goodness!! Hope you are feeling better by now and haven't thrown your treadmill out the window. They really are nice for those days when you cannot get outside to walk. I wish I still had mine!


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