It Happened at Work

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I was inspired to do this from my friend Melissa over at

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It Happened at Work.

Work is something that I have been doing since I was about 14 years old. Starting at an amazing baby sitting job watching and eight year old boy and his twin six year old sisters.

I then went on to secretarial jobs, childcare and then college to be a nurse. 

But then something happened that put all my jobs in the "normal world" to a halt.

This guy came along:

and we got married. At that moment in time my job became-Wife. That was a job that I had dreamed of ever since I can remember.

We moved to Florida and within a short time we found out we were expecting. In that special moment I began the second job that I had also dreamed of-Mama.

Elijah boy at nine weeks old!!!
The day he was born I knew.

I had arrived.

So my job is right now 24 hours a day, seven days a week-all year long. All sort of things happen at work. Normally my days involve this:

 Sweet snuggles every morning with my sleepy boy. I would not trade these moments for anything! 

Watching Elijah learn and grow. Trying to hold his own spoon is his new thing. 
I love how I get to watch every moment of it!

Sweet smiles!

Snoozing in the car after we dropped Daddy off for work.

Playing with Grammy's dog!

"See that roll Mama? It is because I love to eat!"

Enjoying a beautiful fall day! 

"See Mama! I am holding onto the dog leash!"

Hiking in style :)

Exhausted after a long day of hiking.

I got Mama's hair!

Bath time!

My first job-my sweet husband!

Reading with Daddy.

I am learning to roll-almost ready to crawl!

Nap time.

Checking out his new sneakers!

Loving his new hat Grammy got him!

It happened at new job as wife and Mama. I found my niche. I get to live out the desire of my heart each and every single day.

I realized that I had no idea what life really was until I began this new job as a wife and Mama.

I have discovered a whole other world.

I never realized how much joy there was possible.

I did not realize how much little things matter.

I do not have a normal job.

But it is a job none-the-less.

I am a wife.

I am a Mama.

I am what I always dreamed to be...

I have found out who I really am and who I hope to be...and it happened at work.

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