A Look Back 2012-Contentment in Spite of Circumstances

4:51 PM

I am re-visiting three posts from the year 2012 :)
This post was origionally published on June 3, 2012. Enjoy!

"I started this a few days ago and am now just publishing it! Better late then never ;)

I am sitting in the dining room with my sweet little boy sleeping in the swing. The dishwasher is chugging away. An early lunch I made for my love is sitting on the stove waiting to be put away.

It is peaceful in here.

I just realized how peaceful it was. In spite of some things.

It is not my dining room. My baby boy is not sleeping in his swing. It is not our dishwasher chugging away. It is not our stove that heated up my husbands lunch.

I have been struggling these past few weeks, well ok, months, with-contentment. We are truly believing that the Lord has us moving on to the next chapter of our lives and right now that means that we are having to wait.

I have been doing a lot of looking around at others and comparing what they have that I don't have.

Not really a good idea...

I am learning the importance of being content in the here and now. Not looking around at others but instead realizing the importance of just looking at Jesus.

Only Him.

I need to keep reminding myself of that. Look only to Jesus...and believe that He knows what is best for this time of waiting."

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