One Whole Year Ago...

12:44 AM

It is hard to believe that almost a year ago exactly my little guy was snug in my belly! No really he was!

Christmas, 2011-

And now he is here with us! He truly has changed our lives in the best way ever!

 Almost a year later-2012:

It is amazing the things that can happen in a year! 2013 is almost upon us so I decided that I would do a look back on 2012.

I am going to be reposting my three top posts from this last year within the next few days so stay  tuned! I hope you enjoy them!

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2 Thoughts

  1. It is a crazy thought! I can remember the day Elijah was born, and how I was checking FB on my phone at work all day :) I can't wait to read your highlight posts again soon!
    xo Rachael

  2. Love the photo comparisons :D


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