I had a Mama Moment...

1:27 PM

It happened.

You read about it and the right responses to it
 but until it happens you really can't know how you will react.
You know how you probably should react...but how can you test it out until it happens?

Yesterday I had a Mama moment.

My sweet little boy has hit nine months (where on earth does the time go!?) and I have noticed as he gets older my life is getting busier and busier.

All in a good way of course ;) This is what I walked into earlier yesterday. I had been working on taxes in the living room and he was playing in the dining room. As soon as I came in he just looked up at me and gave the biggest smile! It was so cute! He was very proud of himself :)

A little later he was playing by the couch and I was reading in my chair. I looked up and noticed that he had a pen in his hand (isn't that just the one of the funniest expressions). Getting up to investigate I discovered this:

It was at that moment I realized that how I reacted was going to set the foundation for how I would react from here on out as the Mama of a very busy baby boy.

Option #1:
Get uptight and upset because, while he didn't realize what he was doing this time, my couch had pen on it! What would Jason say and again-my couch has pen on it. How am I going to get it out? Ugh what an inconvenience.

Option #2:
Well, so the pen has gotten on my couch. That is OK I am going to go on pinterest and look up a solution and just clean it myself because honestly we paid $10 for this couch and it is not the end of the world.

I went with option #two.

I was thinking about that later that evening and I realized that there will be messes created by little hands. Toys that constantly could be picked up. Windows and doors that need washed because of little hand prints all over.

But you know what? I am OK with that.

Because I have realized that this will all be gone some day. All too soon I will be past these baby years and then I know I will wish for those little hands. I will wish for toys all over my house. I will wish for hand prints on my door.

That day will come. My baby boy will grow up someday. And I know it will come way to fast. So in the meantime I am going to cherish each moment with my baby. Yes, some days will be frustrating. Sometimes I will want a house that stays clean without constant cleaning up. Sometimes I will just be exhausted and want to sleep!

But that will come soon enough.

So for now-for this moment I am going to cherish that smile:

...even if there is pen I have to clean out of my couch.

That was my Mama moment :) Have you had a Mama moment lately? I would love to hear about it!

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8 Thoughts

  1. Do my three birdies count for "Momma moments?" lololol Because I have stories! :D I did not get ink on my couch but one of my feathered "toddelers" escaped her cage and flew into a wall, got the wind knocked out of her and fell behind a small dresser and was trapped :[ Then when I went to "rescue" her she wouldn't stop biting me HARD. Yeesh.

    I have had moments like this while with my siblings, I have had letters CUT INTO my headboard and my nightstand, I had a blanket my grandmother made for me that mt sister cut a hole into, my new dresser had letters scratched onto the surface, the blinds in my room torn down, I have found "boogers" smeared into my lovely curtains, pen marks in my books. CDs scratched to death. Ink stamp marks all over my work desk. :{

    1. Lol you are so cute! Wow you are busy lol :)

      As for your siblings I AM AMAZED (from what you said on facebook as well lol) and am thinking I have a lot in store to experiance lol ;)

  2. This is a great post Katy, and good for you for not freaking out! I've had alot of similar moments, and I have to remind myself of the same thing. My mom always says there are situations where you can get upset or you can just laugh, and it's better to laugh. :-)

    1. Thanks Callie! That is a really good point your mom has I will definitely have to remember that! :)

  3. Wonderful post, he is adorable!

  4. Wow, he's starting young! I didn't have any marker incidents until I had two boys and the youngest was probably 18 months old. Guess I hovered too much. Honestly, this is the best reason to remember not to buy expensive furniture because this WILL happen (and there will be vomit and poop and marker and carving and spilled stuff that you won't know about until it starts to smell...). Just enjoy the moment, don't buy anything new, and just let the marker stains happen. Nobody expects a young family to have a Better Homes and Gardens house. Really.

  5. I love this post! (He is getting so big and adorable as ever.) I especially love it because I've had some moments like that in my classroom. I'm praying this afternoon not to let those "teacher moments" discourage me, but to live do always do the best interest of the KIDS rather than just follow my perfectionistic tendencies. It really is all about THEM.


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