My men...

9:42 AM

I am so blessed!

 Not only do I have my husband who is my prince but I also have my little man.

One thing I absolutely love is seeing the bond between Elijah and Jason deepen as Elijah gets older.

Daddy is his hero and Elijah's favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home from work! They have so much fun playing together! 

I am so thankful for my husband and the love he has and shows our little boy. 

I really do think that the more I watch them together the more I fall in love with them both!

What about you? Does your husband have a special way he bonds with your kids? What are some memories you have of you and your Daddy growing up?

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4 Thoughts

  1. I love that last picture Katy! Honestly, it is making my heart go all mushy and squishy! I can't wait until I reach that life stage :) Until then, I'll have fun loving everyone else's babies... :)
    My Dad and I... I have lots of memories from when I was small of us playing together in my grandparents pool. These days, I just love listening to him and gleaning wisdom on anything and everything. :) And I'm thankful that he does my tax for me!

  2. Aww :) such sweet photos! I definitely have fond memories of my dad telling us bedtime stories, reading books, and playing us to sleep on his guitar.


  3. Oh what sweet photos. They are all so cute but I especially like the one of them sitting in the chair together!

  4. Oh Katy! I haven't visited your blog for so long, since Elijah was born I think.... how he has grown! and how God has richly blessed you! :) You are beautiful, blossoming in the role God put you in. Mother and Wife. What a wonderful thing to love and serve our God.

    blessings and love!


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