Snow, snow, SNOW!

5:57 PM

So here in good old New York  it has already snowed! Course, then it melted but you know-it is New York we will always get more! 
Anywho, it was Elijah's first snow that he could really appreciate and we took a lot of pictures :) It was amazing! We had so much fun! So I thought I would share some of them with all of you! :)

Elijah's first real fun in snow! I loved how he walked with his snow suit on! So cute :)

Daddy pulling him all over the church parking lot 

Course then Elijah had to pull the sled 

Daddy and Elijah! 

Laughing at Daddy.

Laughing at Daddy with Aunt Jen!

Pelting Daddy with snowballs!

We got him!!!! 

Elijah loves his Auntie Jen 

Daddy getting the snow off his hand (he wouldn't keep his glove on lol).

Pulling a fast one on Daddy!

I got him!!!

Laughing at Daddy 

Love his innocence 

Father and Son. So thankful for the bond they share 

Full term! 37 weeks! 
As of this writing I have NINE days till the due date!

So excited to meet our next little guy!!

Daddy telling Elijah they have to turn around and go back.

Elijah taking the news hard.

So sad thinking he has to go inside soon.

Mama cheers him up with some more snow ball throwing!

And yes, I know he doesn't have on gloves!
 We had them he just kept taking them off so he could get a grip on the snowballs :)

Love this baby boy so much!

Our little family of three soon to be four!! 

It was a lovely day in every way! We had so much fun making memories that will last a lifetime :)

 So what about you? 

Do you have some favorite "first snow" memories? I would love to hear about them!

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6 Thoughts

  1. Awww poor Elijah - i hate going back inside too, so I can totally relate! Winter is my favorite season, I just love snow. Maybe you should lure him with hot cocoa and marshmallows next time, that always works on me ;)
    Katie, you look RADIANT! I know you might not feel so comfortable, but really, you do look good! Your skin looks like a porcelain doll's!
    Lots of strength and many hugs for your last days of pregnancy! Can't wait to hear the good news!

    1. Lol that should work I will def do the hot cocoa and marshmallows next time hehehe ;)

      ANd thank you so much!!! I am actually doing Mary Kay now and that has been a MIRACLE for my skin :) I love it!

      Thank you for your sweet encouragement :) Hopefully you will be hearing the good news SOON! :)

  2. Awh, he is getting so big!
    It looks like so much fun! I would hate to go in too.
    We just had our second snow here in KY, but only a dusting (although schools did close). I'm hoping for at least one good snow (preferably on Christmas and maybe my birthday) before I leave.
    You look quite lovely (always very photogenic) and ready for that baby boy! Hoping He will be here soon.
    Through Christ

    1. Isn't that crazy how big he is getting!? I am just in awe how fast time has gone!!

      I hope you get a GREAT snow and soon :) We just got like over a foot here so maybe we can send some your way :)

      Blessings :)

  3. Ah, loved seeing all these pictures! How fun!

  4. so cute! I love all of these! My first snow memory is my brother crying because he fell of the sled face first into the snow lol.


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