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We got into a photo booth and these are what appeared! :) Thought I would share them with you :)

I love my husband.

People used to tell me that the longer you are married the more you will fall in love. I like to think of it as growing in our love.

On our wedding day I really did not have a clue about what love, true love, was. Now looking back two and a half years later (yes I know that is like nothing compared to a lot of couples but it really does feel like we have lived multiple lifetimes in those 2 1/2 years) I am amazed.

Truly amazed.

We have so much FUN together it amazes me! Truly he is my best friend in the whole world!

 (Our OH MY GOODNESS we are having another baby and SOON look-
inspired by our 19 month old lol)

These last two years have not been the easiest for us. We have had a lot of things happen that we wish could have been avoided and yet, are thankful for at the same time because of the lessons that we learned in and through them.

I love my husband.

He is such a good provider. He is faithful. He is patient. He is an amazing Daddy. He is not ashamed to admit when he is wrong. He is loving. He is gentle. He is a man of God.

I am so excited for the next 50 years baby! :)

Love you to the moon and back <3

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