How Fast Time Goes…

6:03 PM

Dear Jason,
2010 was the year that I met you-my husband-to-be, although at the time I was definitely not looking. I was going to be a missionary nurse. The end. But thankfully God has other plans.

Enter one Sunday night in March at your Bible study. 
You walked in the room and I knew I was in trouble.


My life had forever changed and I didn’t even know it yet! One day you asked me to be your juggling business manager and all the sudden I was seeing you a lot (not that I minded one bit)!


December of 2010 we got engaged on Christmas day:


One year and two months to the day that I first laid eyes on you Jason we were married-the day was perfect…this was 2011.


2012 brought us our first precious little man-Elijah Samuel!

2013 brought the birth of our second son-Micah Daniel!


We had a joke about 2014. That was the year that we were going to take a break from any major life changes.

Well, 2014 has been the year that the Lord has brought new life to our marriage. Painful but so beautiful at the same time. 2014 has been the year that you and I fell in love with each other all over again but in such a deeper way.

Today is our third wedding anniversary and last night you had Micah on your shoulders and asked me to dance with you.
So I did.


I am so in love with you! Three years have gone by since our wedding day and I am so in awe of how God has used you in my life!

Happy third anniversary love. I can hardly wait for the next 80 years of living life by your side.
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and when I look at you and our precious boys I know that I would want nothing else.

You are such a wonderful Daddy, faithful provider, thoughtful helper, lover, best friend and soul mate.

You have my heart.


I love you baby,

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2 Thoughts

  1. Dear Katy and Jason,
    Congratulations! I love you both - all four of you in fact!
    Many more to you...years, that is :)
    Love you!

  2. a belated Congrats! I can't believe how much has happened to both of us in just 4ish years! So crazy! I love all the photos. So sweet to relive memories isn't it?


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