Who am I and WHY am I blogging again?

2:04 PM

Things have been pretty sporadic on here for a few months. I got to the point where I was trying to do a million (OK, maybe not a million but if felt like that) things perfectly and realized that I was actually not doing any of them well.

Independent Mary Kay Beauty consultant.
Stay at home Mom.

Ever stepped back in your lifetime and wondered who you are? I mean you know the different labels. You know what is expected of you and yet-you are still lost.

The past year I would say I have really struggled with who I am. I have wondered if really I am worth anything. I have wondered if this is the best life gets. I have been exhausted. I have been devastated beyond words in different life circumstances that have come my way.

I have laughed and I have cried. I have lived life in so many beautiful ways and I have wanted to curl up in a ball and die.

I have tried to be perfect and I have failed a zillion times over.

I have come to the absolute end of myself.

And when I was at that end I reached out to my Heavenly Father and He was there to comfort and sustain me. During this time (March 28, 2014)  He gave me this verse:

"I will not die but live,
and will proclaim what the Lord
has done."
-Psalm 118:17

Proclaim what the Lord has done...I had lost my vision for this blog. I was so busy trying to please everyone and constantly comparing myself to those around me I truly did not know who I was anymore.

But-not so anymore.

I am rededicating this blog.

My new purpose: To proclaim the AWESOME works the Lord has done, is doing and will do. Also, to encourage those around me. It is not about the numbers. It is not about how many page views I can get. It is about Jesus and showing his love to the world around me. 

I have lots to tell you all and cant wait to get started!

I am excited to be back...

What about you? Do you struggle with finding your identity in Christ? Are there any verses the Lord has given you recently?

What would you like to see more here at From the Little White House? 
I have a few ideas for the direction I would like my blog to go but would really love your input. I have put up a poll on the right hand side of the page and would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment as well :)

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6 Thoughts

  1. Hi from Australia!
    I think that some of your troubles stem from the fact that you are a mum with young kids and that is exhausting! I can relate, being in the same boat =) So, you really wonder who you are, where you are headed, etc...
    Right now, I can encourage you that the most important things are 1. your relationship with the Lord, 2. your relationship with your hubby, and 3. bringing those precious little ones up for the Lord. If you concentrate on them, you might find everything else falls into place. =)
    And don't forget - He is faithful, He is always there and while you might not be able to world-shattering things right now, this season of your life is oh so precious and one that won't come again = enjoy!
    in Him,

    1. Hi Betsy :)

      Thank you so much for the encouragement and the reminder! He is faithful and this time will pass quickly!! I really needed that today!!

      And that is so cool you are in Australia! Wow! Someday...maybe I will be able to visit there and new zealand. :)

  2. I don't think your voting function is working (I voted, but I couldn't view the results and after I voted, it still showed zero votes, where you should have had at least one -- mine!). Anyway, I'd like to hear you talk about motherhood and your struggles with parenting and budgeting and managing your time. And I'm always looking for new recipes. And randomness is always welcome. Glad you are back to blogging. It's YOUR time for yourself and you deserve it if you enjoy it!

    1. Oh thank you! I will see what is going on with that. And thank you :) I am excited to be back! We will see what happens! I already have some posts in mind :) Blessings!

  3. Hey there! Loving your new header!! And YES totally hope to see more photos of your cute little guys! Miss you all. Glad you are back :D

  4. I just clicked on here on a whim...I'm glad to see you'll be blogging again! I enjoyed your blog as a single and now it looks like we're in similar life seasons, being mama's to two! Look forward to reading and hearing about what the Lord has been teaching you :)


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