Guacamole-a staple of yumminess!

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I do not know about the rest of you but the day that I tasted tortilla chips for the first time I was hooked. Add melted cheese and salsa and you could say I was addicted.

During my pregnancy I may or may not have consumed enough home made nachos to keep a Aldis store in business just from the amount of organic (helped justify it in my mind lol) blue tortilla chips bought but then again…well anyway moving on.

Before we lived in Florida I had never eaten an avocado that I can remember.


I was looking for different dipping alternatives to satisfy my tortilla chip cravings when I came across the word “guacamole”. My interest peaked I typed it into the search engine on and my life was forever changed! You can find the original recipe that I tweaked-Here.

Fast forward a few years:
Elijah is now two and my love for organic blue tortilla chips remains albeit a bit less obsessive!!
We do still love guacamole and today I whipped up a batch to use up some old tomatoes and thought I would share it with you.

Note: This is a very adaptable recipe. A lot of times I play around till I have the right ratios so feel free to have fun with this as well as experiment.

#1: Take four avocados and de-seed. Place in bowl.


#2: Cut up two tomatoes (they do not have to be finely diced I like a chunkier guacamole).


Add to bowl (taking time to admire the pretty colors-sheesh you can even snap a picture if you would like!).


#3: Add your spices, lemon and lime juice.


I normally use 1 fresh lemon and one fresh lime but I did not have those on hand today so I improvised and it tasted just fine. Squeeze/pour those in then add minced onions and garlic. Again I had to substitute. Normally I use fresh minced garlic but in a pinch powered works just fine.


#4: Mash it all together (I leave it chunkier just because I like that texture better).


#5: Add salt to taste as well as onion and garlic.


Deliciousness does not even express the amazingness.


Chill in the fridge and serve. OR just serve while trying not to devour it all in one sitting so your husband can have some when he comes home from work.

What are your favorite ways to devour eat tortilla chips? I would love some new ways to try out on Jason!

Do you prefer salty or sweet when you are craving a treat?

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2 Thoughts

  1. I love all the photos! Reminds me of Pioneer Woman :-)

  2. My husband LOVES guacamole with chips. I am not too crazy about it but don't mind a taste of it. I prefer refried beans with sour cream with my tortilla chips. It depends on my mood whether I'm craving salty or sweet.


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