Seven Months Old and a crazy Maurice's Deal!

8:08 AM

Today Micah is SEVEN months old! My next thought is: HOW did that happen!? Lol :) Time has flown so quickly! It is so neat to watch him grow and see his little personality develop.

He has cut TWO teeth (one word-ouch). His smile lights up a room. He is the most contented baby ever. As in-Mama sits him in the grass to watch brother swimming in the kiddie pool and he just sits there for almost an hour not making a sound just watching the world and popping his pacifier in and out of his mouth (of course lol).

He is so independent and yet a snuggler that loves Mama. He is sleeping through the night most nights which is amazing. 

He is intense and when he focuses on something he wants to know what makes it work.

He gets frustrated because he wants to do what  big brother does but he can't do it all quite yet even though he is getting so much closer! He is army crawling all over and keeps getting up on all fours-I am just waiting for the day he starts crawling and never looks back! 

Dear Micah,

I love you so much little man! You add so very much to our lives and it is so neat to see you growing and learning each and every day. Keep smiling your sweet smile :)


On a side note: You all know how I LOVE thrifting and deals (or if you didn't know you do now) and yesterday I hit an AWESOME deal! I had been shopping for some groceries and decided to run into Maurices and what did I find? A rack with dresses on it FOR $4.95! *Insert dance of joy here*

I was good and only bought two ;) I love sales racks :)

What about you? Do you have a favorite store to shop at? I may or may not be obsessed with Maurices but you didnt hear it from me ;)

What neat event happens for you this month? I would love to hear about it :)

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4 Thoughts

  1. Well this Saturday July 19th Duane and I will be married for 40 years (OH NO) LOL. I can hardly believe it, we've had some rough times and struggles and an almost divorce, but with the grace of God, and His love, we made it. And I love shopping at Walmart when I have money. Which is not very often. We can't go out to dinner for our anniversary as we don't have the money to do it. Oh well, if God wants us to go out to celebrate our anniversary He will provide the funds for us to do it, I have the faith. God bless you Katy, Jason, Elijah and Micah, the Brado family loves you all.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS :) Wow 40 years that is amazing! God is so good :) Blessings! :)

  2. I can't believe how bug he is getting! And what a great deal at Maurice's - I love that store when I can afford it!

    1. I know isnt he big!? 20 lbs and just turned 7 months lol!


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