Our Very OWN Little White House

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There was a running joke for a while between Jason and I. Let me explain just a bit of the background.

2010-we met for the very first time. He was heading up a Bible study at the same time and 40 minutes away  I had my girls Bible study. One of my girls invited me to visit his study and I did :)

I just adore this picture! It was taken in August 2010 when things were beginning to be a little more serious in our relationship but we still were not officially dating :) Oh and no Jason does not normally wear socks with sandals he had to borrow my brothers lol! ;) Just to clarify :)

Ok, back to the subject on hand!

2011- A year and two months to the day that we met we got married.

2012- Our lives where forever changed when Elijah Samuel was born.

2013- Our lives where changed forever once again when Micah Daniel joined our family.

Our joke was that with three years that had some major life events we were going to take a break and not do anything in 2014.

Well, the Lord (as He so often does) had other plans!

2014- Our marriage is re-surrendered to the Lord as He does a beautiful work in both of our hearts (and is continuing to do more each and every day).

2014- We buy our very own little white house!!!! :) We are now officially homeowners!!!

We had thought at one point that we were going to be building our own house so we had been saving materials for whenever that day would come (flooring, cupboards etc) and this house is a fixer upper that we can actually USE all the materials in :)

It is a ranch that is in town but has .37 acre lot AND is right down the street from the most amazing park ever!

 We have been working like crazy remodeling and hopefully will be able to move in within the next few weeks! I can hardly wait to show you some updates but until then here are some before pictures:

The Breezeway.

The garage.

The kitchen.

The living room.

First bedroom.

Second Bedroom.

Washer and Dryer Area.

Third Bedroom.

So that was what we started with two weeks ago. It does NOT look like that anymore thanks to some amazing friends and a very talented husband :) I can't wait to show you the after pictures! :)

So what about you? Do you love home projects or are they not really your thing? 
I actually really do enjoy most aspects of home projects but painting trim. Those two days made me want to possibly kill something or someone (ok not that drastic but you get the point lol). ;)

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9 Thoughts

  1. Wow, you know that looks so plain, so ordinary, but you can just go crazy making it into your own little cozy nest. =) Will be looking forward to some after photos to see how you make it your own. Congrats on getting your own home, there is nothing like having your own place that you can do anything to!!!! =) Of course, then you have to work on not getting too comfy - heaven will be our forever home and SO much better =)

    1. Thanks Betsy!! :) It is so true we were so excited because it seemed like a blank canvas the first time we saw it :) I know what you mean too about not getting too comfy either can hardly wait for the beauty that will be in heaven! :)


  2. Life is truly never just boring... I can hardly wait to see the final result! Jason is so talented!! I am sure the boys will love having their own yard to play in and a park close by :D
    We don't have any current projects other than trying to keep things tidy- although personally I'm hoping we can clean out the storage and pantry. All my husbands stuff (AKA junk, lol) is piled high! Love, Rebecca. Hugs!!

    1. I cant wait to see the final result either lol ;) and keeping things tidy is a project in itself for sure!!! :) Hugs right back :)

  3. Awesome! The picture of the kitchen made me go "Uh! That needs some serious furniture!" haha
    I personally love everything crafty and handyman type of work. From making cute little decorations, cards etc to painting the walls, building or remodelling furniture and so on BUT i am VERY unlucky with garden work - not that I don't like it, it will just never turn out right and usually all those plants I buy die within two weeks. My man also enjoys the crafty things and happens to possess the same plant-killing powers, which means that we have to draw straws who gets to do the fun crafting, and somehow our plant-killing powers combine and make us the ultimate team for all sorts of plant-execution (seriously - even a kitchen basil will wither within a day!). This reminds me - I once made a board for the kitchen with fancy holes for the flower pots and it looked so pretty and kind of vintage-romantic... until I actually filled the flowerpots with plants. The thing looked like an abandoned garden full of weeds within 2 weeks and now I'm left with a pretty but useless kitchen board in the garage. Oh well.

    1. lol you made me smile :) and so true about the kitchen!! Thankfully we had cupboards already or that may have been a deal breaker for me!! ;)
      I know what you mean about the garden stuff too!! I am kinda nervous about that part bc death does come to plants in my house hehe :)


  4. Congratulations on your first home! That bathroom would have been a deal-breaker for me, but I'm guessing you gutted that! And I hope there is a dishwasher in your kitchen in the "after" photos. Do you know the history on the house? It looks like it may have been used for a business what with the "breezeway" (that says "playroom" all over it to me!). Have fun making it yours. It's a lot of work initially, but you will appreciate the tax write-off at the end of the year! Love the awnings out front and the triple windows that flank the breezeway door. And is that a shed? Wow, great property find!

  5. Thank you Karen :) And yes the bathroom is sitting gutted right now lol :) It actually was built in 1958 and was just a residence so I dont really know what the breezeway was used for! And playroom is def part of our plans for that! :) And it is a shed which is awesome for Jason :) CAnt wait for the tax write offs either :)


  6. Ah, congratulations! So exciting to have your own house!


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