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You know that moment when you are in the middle of something and it seems to be moving along about the same pace as that snail you once saw?

Ah the joys of house renovations!

Ok, so seriously maybe not that slow but is has seemed to be taking forever. However, the end is starting to be closer and we can actually see it which is SUPER exciting!

I showed you some before pictures so I thought I would share some during renovation pictures! :) Please excuse the quality they are courtesy of the old flip phone-ahem. .

Working on my pinterest inspired DIY wainscoting in our formal dining room! Didn't know I had a pinterest? Well, check it out HERE.

We added a pocket door in the kitchen and I helped build the wall! Yes, I am ridiculously proud of that fact and hey super glad that my kitchen does NOT look like that anymore (there was a teaser for you all)!

 Watching his Daddy work! Micah was management and Jason was labor :) Working on the dining room again!

And of course Elijah helped Daddy put some siding on the house because that is what big boy two year olds do! What a fun day that was :)

So what have we been doing BESIDES remodeling? Well, Jason has been doing a lot of juggling and balloon jobs on the weekends. This weekend he has three and one was at the Apple Umpkin in a little village a few minutes away from us. So I grabbed the boys and my sister Jen and we went along as well (it is a family tradition every year).

To top our weekend off we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon and Grammy's house and played outside and ate kettle corn and took naps!

And with that photo catch up I will sign off but stay tuned I have some more posts coming sooner then later :) 

Have you renovated your house lately? What was most frustrating about it for you?

What are your favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Looks like you are all busy! Glad the little guys can "help". My favorite Sunday afternoon things is just chilling with my husband :)


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