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9:40 AM

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as I stand here and think about what I am most thankful it would have to be my precious family! So I thought I would brag on them for a few minutes (bear with me lol).

Jason-my love, my life, my anchor, my best friend. Words can not describe how in awe I am of the wonders that God has done in our marriage since March! We went through a fire and God refined us and continues to work on us. Painful at times but truly beautiful!

Elijah-My two and a half year old. My sweet boy who loves his Mama and is so sensitive and caring (most of the time lol).

My brave boy who loves wrestling with Daddy, playing outside, adventures with his Aunties and life in general! He is obsessed with horses and anything related to horses and just loves his brother.

 He is talking constantly and sometimes the things he says can catch me off guard! I am so grateful to God for my little man :)

Micah-he will be one year old in less then a month! Where has the time gone?! My sweet boy!

 He is so happy most of the time (teething has really wreaked havoc on his poor mouth) and has the sweetest smile!

He is SO busy and is walking and climbing everything! His favorite activity involves dumping things out of cupboards currently!

 He is very sensitive and it is so neat to see the differences between Elijah and him. Daddy is his hero and brother is his best friend :)

My boys-they were the desire of my heart and I am so thankful to God for my two under two! 

There are hard days to be sure where I feel like I am losing my mind and possibly might crack if I have to pick up the living room or the piles of tupperware one more time! But then I think-this too shall pass and before I know it they will be gone so I am really trying hard to take one day at a time and enjoy it! :) 

My little family is my world and I am so thankful to God for them! 
Thanks to my amazing sister Anna for the beautiful family pictures! :) 

What about you? What is the thing you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

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4 Thoughts

  1. The photos of the 4 of you -- do you know how nearly impossible it is to get shots like that??? LOL. Your boys are so cute and they are LOOKING AT THE CAMERA AT THE SAME TIME AND SMILING!. I used to sweat bullets every time we had to get family photos done. There were a lot of tears, always (and many of them on MY part!). These are fabulous photos, whoever took them. Great lighting, great colors, great outfits, and happy smiling faces. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. LOL :) There were many MANY pics taken hehehe :) Thank you so much! Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!!

  2. GORGEOUS photos! Anna did a stunning job. Your boys are just way too cute Katy!! Happy Thanksgiving


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