When Food Becomes Your God.

10:23 AM

It is something that has gone unspoken for so long. Something I have hidden for years-content to continue on in my...sin.

I had an idol that was literally taking over my life and yet I refused to see it until I was forced to open my eyes and see the toll it was taking on every area in my life.

My weight has been something that I have really struggled with these last few years. Everytime I looked in the mirror I would shudder but there was always the just had two babies and I am nursing now excuse.

Then that moment came when I had to look in the mirror and tell myself the truth. It was NOT because of my babies or that I had been nursing for years that my weight was still not where I knew I was honoring God...

It was the sin of laziness and gluttony that I had allowed to overtake my life in every single way. It was sin.

That was an eye opener for me and all the sudden I realized that I did not want to be a slave to these sins any longer! I did not want to be so obsessed with food that all I could think about was were that next snack or meal would come from. 

I used food to escape from reality. When I was bored or stressed or exhausted or upset-quite simply-I would turn on a movie and binge. And when I mean binge I mean bags of chips or 1/2 gallons of ice cream. And yet, I was so ashamed and so disgusted with myself but I could not stop no matter how hard I tried.

I was lost and miserable but did a really good job hiding it. No one, even Jason, knew the extent of my addiction to food.

Then one day I realized how far gone I was and how far from the Lord I was. I was desperate because I had tried so many programs and eliminating certain foods and diets and nothing lasted. I cried out to the Lord and He led me to a website called Setting Captives Free. Basically it is a website that has FREE Bible studies and accountability for different strongholds that people are struggling with in their life. I started to do The Lord's Table which, according to the website:

 ...will teach you to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord. You will find freedom from the sin of gluttony, by learning to follow biblical and practical ways, as you daily proceed through this course. 

So I began, and the Lord began changing my entire mindset in regards to food as well as my motivation for losing weight.

Before I had always wanted to be that "hot Mama" one that would walk in the room and people would be in awe and whisper: "She had how many children?"

Now, I started to realize that Jesus Christ and bringing honor and glory to Him needed to be my motivation. It needed to stop being about looking this way or that and start being about Jesus.

Over the weeks I would try and fail but instead of just giving up like I used to I slowly began to run to Jesus for help. 

Then something else happened that I believe is the next step in my journey. 

I had been working out for 30 minutes a day for a week (I hit four times) and trying to watch what I was eating. It was really not as hard as I thought it would be because I kept running to the Lord instead of food and what a difference that made! 

At the end of the week however, I had not had the results I really wanted. My cousin had been on her own journey and had lost so much weight and I asked her what she had been doing and she told me about beachbody's 21 day fix (modesty warning: there are women in some revealing workout clothes so wanted to let you know). 

It was something you could do while nursing and it looked amazing but we just did not have the funds for it at the moment. So I let it go and tried to implement as much as I could on my own. Enter a Mary Kay party. I was so blessed with a fun evening with some absolutely wonderful women AND I earned enough to get my challenge pack and then decided to go one step beyond that!

I decided to become a Beachbody coach and share my own journey as it happens! I am so excited and praying that I will be able to inspire people and encourage them as I move forward on my journey of health and fitness while keeping the focus on Jesus Christ and bringing honor and glory to Him!

So what is the 21 day fix?

Well, I am still waiting for my challenge pack to come! Basically though it is clean eating, portion control and working out 30 minutes a day! 

No crazy diets or foods you are not allowed to eat-just learning to practice self-control and choosing to not be lazy.

So here a journey begins:

I feel so vulnerable posting those online but in MOPS this year the theme is "Be You Bravely" so this is me being brave and not hiding anymore but being willing to be truthful and then, by God's grace, make a true change!

I will let you know when my challenge pack comes in and my 21 days officially begins-until then-I will be working out everyday for 30 minutes a day and practicing clean eating and self control in portion size.

Would you like to join me on my journey and find freedom? Check out my Official Coaching Page.

Also, I will be posting on my facebook page daily updates and pictures if you want to follow along there :)

So what about you? Do you struggle with your weight for whatever reason (I know some people have health issues that cause weight gain). Is there anyway I can help you or pray for you?

What part of my journey are you most interested in? Progress pictures, updates, meal plans? I would love to know so I can know how best to share with you :)

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4 Thoughts

  1. Blessings on your journey to get fit Katy!

    I have PCOS and Hashimoto's disease which BOTH contribute to weight gain, add in a back injury and ta-da weight gain. I have been trying to find ways to exercise that won't aggravate my back and to cut down on portions. I is still a long and hard battle ahead of me due to my physical limitations and the health problems.

    I think posting pictures of your progress will be awesome! That way you can see the progression and be encouraged.

    Good luck, don't get discouraged, keep it up and YOU CAN DO IT!

    1. Thank you so so much!!! :) You are such an encouragement! :)

  2. Wow, needed to hear this! Thank you for your honesty. I am one of those lucky people who don't gain weight easily, and I am also pregnant with my third child, so I have all kinds of excuses to dig out the ice cream or make another batch of cookies, but I have noticed recently that I eat to soothe myself emotionally, and that is...well, a sin. Like you described, snack time comes first for me, Bible time comes whenever I can "squeeze it in", and while I haven't yet gained a ton of weight because of this, I can feel the ill effects in my body. Thanks for sharing your journey. It is encouraging and convicting to me.

    1. Hey so neat to "meet" another young Mama :) Thank you for encouraging me! Blessings!


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