To Just Breath Again...

6:22 PM

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since I last wrote on this blog. Since I opened my computer and the words just seemed to flow.

Have you ever had a season in your life where you just did not have words?

Where you were just treading water and trying to keep your head up?

Where you came face to face with so many inner demons that is seemed to completely overwhelm you?

Where getting up took courage?

Where you tried to escape reality but went to the wrong things?

Where loved ones died and you were left reeling?

Where things happened in your extended family that left you thinking that reality was really not happening because-that stuff only happens in soap operas which you don't watch anyway?

It has just been that kind of year. But you know what? God has been using it to draw me back to Himself.

Because what are you supposed to do when you keep turning to food or media or people and yet you refuse to turn to the One Who could actually help you?

Did I mention it takes me awhile to learn lessons?


And then when you reach the end of your rope and the Lord gives you this verse:

How beautiful is that?

My life is a busy mess right now. I have these two precious boys that are just 19 months apart and they are mess making machines!

I will clean my house and then in one hour it can be destroyed.

I am not kidding ask any mother of young children.

It can be disheartening.

But I am realizing more recently that it is a beautiful mess and one that will not last forever.

This is a season and it will not last forever it will end.

I will have a clean house-but it will seem empty.

I will have time to myself-but the house will seem so lonely.

I will be able to sleep through the night-but I will not have little arms wrapped around my neck.

This too shall pass-all to soon.

Lately I have been asking myself-what will happen when this crazy, messy, exhausting yet beautiful mess ends?

Then the next question is what am I supposed to do in the meantime?

The truth?

I can't do it as I have done a very good job of proving over the last year.

But I serve a God Who loves to take the seemingly impossible and all the sudden make it possible.

In a very beautiful and gentle way-because that is Who our God is.

"...He gently leads those with young."

That almost makes me tear up. What a wonderful God that we serve. One that loves us right where we are.

One that is willing to accepts us right where we are.

So I am going to start breathing again.

And in the moments where I feel like I can not breath I will be turning to my Savior for help. Because He is willing all I have to do it reach out for help.

And I know that He will help-because He delights in His children. He carries us close to His heart.

He gently leads those with young.

So how about you? How has your last year been? I would love to hear about it!

Do you have a lesson that the Lord has been teaching you lately?

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3 Thoughts

  1. Hi! Betsy again =) This year has been not so easy here too. My mother-in-law died suddenly of liver cancer - like less than 20 days after diagnosis =( I started home-schooling my daughter - a steep learning curve for mother and daughter ;) And I have been chasing around trying to find answers to ongoing pelvic pain.
    Of course, in all this, I have learnt to lean harder on the Lord, to be reminded again that He IS the best friend we ever need! He is SO faithful! And He never breaks His promises...
    Keep trusting, keep breathing - and keep looking up to Him!
    in Him,

    1. First I am so sorry about your mother in law...praying for continued healing for your family!
      That is neat you are homeschooling! We are planning on it and it somewhat terrifies me lol :)
      What a good reminder that God is faithful! Praying for you :)

  2. Lovely to see a new post Katy! I remember how overwhelmed with the house my mom would get when she had so many littles trashing everything. The youngest is 9 now so it stays a bit cleaner!

    Our 2015 so far has been weird. We have had five deaths this year, my grandfather had two heart attacks, open heart surgery and quadruple bypass- he survived praise the Lord! Justin is starting a new job after Thanksgiving, I got glasses, I got my hearing checked and found out that I do have some hearing loss in both ears (may need hearing aids in 10-15 years). I have a nephew on the way and will be an Auntie for the first time! It's been one crazy weird year. Full of sadness and blessings.

    Always thinking of you, keeping you in my prayers! Love, Becca


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