When God takes your excuses away...and you have money on it!

9:57 AM

Oh yes. That topic-excuses-NOT something I wanted to write especially NOT at this point in the month!

So the money part probably caught your eye.

Well, let me explain-I am currently doing my 2nd official round of the 21 day fix which consists of clean eating, portion control and exercise 30 minutes a day.

Simple right?

Actually it really is!

My 1st round results were amazing but in all honesty they came from the exercise portion for the fix. Because I love my food too much. There. I said it-I was not willing to really commit to change the food aspect of my life.

I did better then I had ever done before but I knew that was not enough.

Enter the money aspect.

I found this really neat motivation for losing weight and sticking with it. And people-I needed the motivation!

I took some of my Christmas money and invested in a Dietbet. To sum up-you have 30 days to lose 4% of your body weight (so basically 1% per week). To join you pay $30. Now here is where the motivation comes in-if you "win" against yourself you get your money back just like that. If you do not reach your goal your money just stays in the "pot" and is basically divided up among the people that reached their goals.

Motivation: I am not paying someone else to lose weight therefore, I want to reach my goal!

So many times I have heard "well, I couldn't lose weight because I have an injury and so I can't exercise...".

I have to say I used to believe that.

Then on Saturday I hurt my foot.

Tuesday I went to the doctor.

As of today I am on the couch for a (drum roll please)-week.

As in seven days.

As in I can not put pressure on it.

As in I may have been in tears because I have 19 days to go in my dietbet and all the sudden-I can not exercise.


Normally I would have just given up honestly. But even though these last few months have been far from perfect in my journey towards freedom from my food addiction-God has been working in me.

So now, I am going to HAVE to really really focus on just the clean eating and portion control of my 21 day fix. People have not been able to exercise and been successful in still losing weight-I just never wanted to believe that I could do it but now that I am on the couch-it seems I really do not have a choice! :)

I am choosing to make progress and with the Lord's help-I will have victory as I strive to eat clean (not give into my cravings and addictions) and watch my portions (especially late at night)!

I am excited to see what the Lord does in these upcoming 7 days and then beyond!

What about you? Do you ever make excuses that hold you back from doing what you know you could do?

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear you hurt your foot! Take good care of it so you don't end up like I did- I just kept re-injuring it over and over. I hope you heal up fast!

    Losing weight is a goal of mine, but the PCOS and Hashimoto's disease makes it VERY hard. Still I'm trying. I can't exercise much but I am doing better with smaller portions.

    God bless you on your weight-loss journey!

    Love, Becca


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