Then there was that mascara smudge...

6:20 PM

Ever had one of those days? Or how about one of those hours? Oh you know the ones! Let me share one of my days from this past week.

It is 7:35 am.

I should be in bed snuggling under my blankets. Am I? Nope.

So far I have rescued my husband, been to jail and got locked out of my car.

Did I mention it is 7:35? AM!?

Lets go back an hour.

6:35 am.

I have gotten Jason's lunch and am on day three of 16 hour shifts and think I may be losing my mind.

Case in point?

I lay down after Jason leaves and all the sudden I am thinking about the bread machine. More specifically the paddle in the bread machine that may or may not be actually attached to the machine.

I think it is. But what if it is not? Then we will get up for amazing bread and there will not be a fresh loaf it will be a nasty mess of dough. Ugh. Must get up.

It was fine.

Just as I go to snuggle back into bed I look at my phone and see two missed calls from Jason. I call him back and he informs me that he left his essential work belt on our dresser and I need to bring it to him asap.

My sister comes to be there when the kiddos wake up and I throw on some clothes and head out the door.

So here is the first explanation.

My husband works at a jail. Which is nice because it is easier on him then construction and he is able to witness to people almost everyday.

So when I went to go and take his essential work stuff to him I got to the big empty parking lot and managed to snag a space closest to where I would have to enter.

Went in and dropped his stuff off. Go to head to the car...


I cried. You see I just wanted to be in bed.

But no here I am locked out of my car at my husbands workplace and I get to go back in and explain to nice man behind the glass that I am locked out of my car and yes I am pregnant and blonde and teary and it is not even 7:30 am!!!!

In the end the policeman came and popped open the door and I was on my way to drop off books that would be overdue at the library.

It was then I looked in the mirror and saw that my mascara was smudged all under my one eye.

Me. The Mary Kay consultant. Looking like a racoon.

In the middle of the next volley of thoughts that started to race wildly through my brain I realized something had changed about me.

This insanely crazy and very embarrassing morning does not define me.

I would have used to allow it to define me. Beating myself up for being so stupid and what did people think and I am going to quite possibly strangle my husband for doing this to me-oh the list goes on.

But not this time.

Do you ever take a few steps back before you realize how many God has actually brought you forward?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the fact that God knew me before I was born. And not only that-HE formed me!

I am worth dying on that old rugged cross to Him.

So really...why do I let what people think define me when really-He and His definition of me is the only thing that really matters?

So that whole crazy hour of my life?

Instead of letting it ruin my day-it kind of made me day! Why? Well, because I realized how far God has brought me and there is such freedom in that!

SO what about you? Have you ever had one of those days that now you can look back and laugh about?

What has God been teaching you lately about who you are in Him? Do you have a favorite verse about Who you are in Him?

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2 Thoughts

  1. We have had days like that. One night we decided to go grocery shopping. as we parked our car a potted cactus plant we were bringing home fell over- dirt and cactus all over the floor! Justin and I cleaned it up and then proceeded to do grocery shopping. When we got back to our car we realized that it was locked...and we didn't have the keys...because Justin accidentally left them on the seat when he was cleaning up the potted plant's dirt. My sister-in-law had an extra key for that car so after a 10 min wait we were on our way home. It was pouring rain... and we were literally 2 min away from home when we hit a pipe in the road and blew out two tires. AAA had no tow-trucks available at the time. We had to sit in our car in the pouring rain for an hour. Tow truck finally shows up. My mother-in-law comes to pick us up and transfer our groceries. All the ice cream had melted and was spilling everywhere. Once we got home it was 12pm. I started making mac and cheese because instead of the good cry I felt like having it seemed better to just get some warm food in our tummies and watch some old cartoons for a while. That is what we did. It was SUCH an insane night, but it ended ok. Sometimes you just gotta put the "adulting" aside and watch cartoons lol

    I guess life wouldn't be fun without stories to share! :D

    1. Oh. agoodness. That is insane!! Mac and cheese and cartoons is a great way to end the day!! :)


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