It's your due date

8:00 AM

 Dear Baby Boy,

Today is your due date! April 12, 2012. I would love for you to come today baby!! I was saying last night how amazing it is that I have been pregnant for 40 straight weeks. That is a LONG time! But you know what baby boy? You are so worth it all.

Things have been getting more exciting the closer your arrival gets! Your Aunt Sarah, Aunt Abby, Aunt Jen and   Uncle Matthew are all here from NY and super excited about when you will make your grand entrance into this world!

I love my sisters! Abby especially (in the middle) is SO EXCITED for you to arrive. She already calls you HER little man and she is going to spoil you I have the feeling :)

See that picture above? I am smiling but in reality I was hot and sweaty and miserable!!! :) Just you wait till your wife is 40 weeks pregnant and you will know what I mean. It has been really HOT here in Florida these last few days and since you are such a big boy it makes me feel warmer than ever! But you know what baby boy? You are so worth it! :)

See the dress I am wearing in that picture? The early/middle stages of pregnancy were fine for having a variety of outfits to pick from. Now-I swap two dresses back and forth. Why? Well, little man nothing else will fit over my belly! My midwife told me a few months back that I would want to wear a TENT and I didn't really know what she meant until now...literally the looser the better! I am so excited to have you and to be able to pick some different outfits! :)

Daddy is already gone for work. He took Uncle Matt with him. You know what is funny? I just realized that I have an Uncle Matt and you have one as well but on your Daddy's side! That is neat! :)

People have been such a blessing these last few weeks baby boy! We have some amazing friends here in Florida!

The other day two of our friends made me a clothesline!! It is something I have wanted all my life! I always thought they looked so romantic (yes son, Mama is somewhat strange at times). :) I convinced your Daddy to take some pictures of the first load that got hung to dry:

Daddy carrying out the first load!!! :)

What a blessing that is! :) I love it! Truly, there are so many amazing little blessings the Lord gives us a long the way Elijah! It is so neat! I believe it is also so important to take note and be thankful for the little things in life!

Speaking of little blessings in life here are some from people that love you already so much baby boy:

  • Miss Roanna (Pastor's wife) surprising me with a body pillow to help me sleep better
  • Miss Alison coming and helping me clean the whole house and taking some of your clothes home to wash just so I did not have to. 
  • Mr. Larry coming and fixing the hole in your room (which you will not be sleeping in till you are a little bit older). 
  • Amazing encouragement from other mom's like my friend Julie and my friend Callie (from Through Clouded Glass) via facebook messages :)
  • Your Daddy bringing me flowers
  • Sisters and friends cooking a huge "thanksgiving dinner" last night (because Daddy and I did not make it to NY for thanksgiving this year).
  • So many thoughts and prayers and encouragements from so many people
  • Popcorn from Miss Pam
  • Help from Miss Carolyn and lots of advice (she is a labor and delivery nurse which is awesome)
  • Papa John and Grandma sending a ton of meat with the kids (fresh, natural and "home grown"
  • An amazing birth calender from your Grandma Case :) 
  • Boxes in the mail from your Auntie Gretel and Edessa (who blogs here at A Flower For Mom's) with all sorts of goodies for Mama and baby :)
  • Gifts sent from our church families back home with the kids 
  • The weather starting to cool down a little bit so Mama is more comfortable :)
  • Watching a chick flick (well part of one) with my girls :)
  • Having Katie be in Florida and able to visit :)
  • Painting my nails
The list could just go on and on little one :) Truly I am amazed by how loved you already are Elijah! There are so many people who just can not wait to meet you! 

So, if at all possible-the sooner you get here the better! :) 

I love you so much Elijah boy and can hardly wait to meet you and hold you in my arms!



Ps: A good friend shared this with me on facebook and I laughed so very hard! Hopefully you will be the exception ;)

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20 Thoughts

  1. I have been reading your blog for quite a little while! Congrats on your little boy on the way!!! We had our first little one last September. So I know how you feel! So excited and probably nervous all rolled into one!!! One thing that I learned or rather I'm still learning is to enjoy every step...learning how big a responsibility I have to lead my little boy to know Jesus! Everyday is a blessing! When you are sleep-deprived, you realize after its over how much you miss the late night cuddles. Enjoy your little man!...every step of the way!

    1. Thank you so much! :) You are so sweet!!! Definitely excited and TERRIFIED all rolled into one lol :) Thank you for your wisdom to just enjoy every step :)


  2. I LOVE your clothesline! I would love one as well but if I had one, you would seriously have to walk through clothes to cross the backyard. Pooh. My mom always had a clothesline it was a pulley style. We stood on the porch and it extended over the driveway and attached to a barn on the other side of the driveway. You would stand on the porch and hang laundry, just pulling the line and watching the wheels turn to move the line. The really funny part was when we had sheets on the line and a car would come in the driveway...sometimes the sheets got stuck on the car's antenna. LOL!!!

    Anyway, I know this post is not about clotheslines so I will just say that yes, you are at your due date and yes, God knows exactly when Elijah will make his grand and glorious entrance! Are you having a home birth? Hope all goes well...home birth or hospital! :) HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Oh that stinks about your clothes line! AND THAT IS AWESOME ABOUT THe pulley one even with the getting stuck on the car's antenna hehehe :)

      We are planning on having a home birth :) Super excited about it! We have an AMAZING christian midwife who is just a gift from the Lord in so many ways so we will see what happens!! :)

  3. I am so excited for you! I will be watching this blog like a hawk for the news that it's time and your little man will be here. I really wish we were next door neighbours, because I would be over at your house every day if I could to help you. Would moving to Ohio be somewhere in your plans? ;) I am praying for you so hard and can't wait to see your little man. ;)

    Blessings and prayers,

    1. Awww you are so so sweet! I WISH WE LIVED NEXT DOOR TO EACHOTHER TOO especially with your sweet little one on the way :) Who knows...Ohio sounds fun lol ;)

      Thanks so much for the prayers! Two days overdue and whew yeah the prayers are good lol :)


  4. Yay! You got a clothesline! That is so fun. I'm sure the clothes must dry pretty fast if it's hot there. =) Do you guys live in the city?

    Your little guy is going to be sooo cute!

    1. Oh they dry super super fast lol :) It is SO HOT HERE! And no we do not live in a city per say but to this country girl it is like a city if that makes sense. There is a big neighborhood around us but they think it is country like. And it is def not. Lol :)

  5. Wow, today could still be the day! I cannot believe after reading your blog(s) all this time that he is finally coming! Thank you for sharing your journey and how you are learning and growing in Christ. It has been so encouraging to me. Praying for you all!
    Through Christ

    1. Whew it wasn't the day :( Sigh. Lol :) I can't believe he is almost here! Thank you so so much for the prayers!!!!! You are such a sweet encouragement :)

  6. Hey there, it is Kristen from over at Thank you for the encouragement after reading my post. Some people didn't like it very much, but it is those that take it too literally I think. Anyway, the point of this is to tell you that you CAN do it! There will be days when it is hard, days he may not eat when it is "time" and days that it is a breeze. Know that you can do it, and your baby will appreciate it for you. If you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail. I can't wait for your little guy to get here!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by!!! :) ANd for the encouragement!!!I probably will shoot you some questions at some point lol :) Super excited to try it out :) :)

  7. Soooo Happy you liked the box my love!!!!!!! I love your clothes line. I have had one all my life. My mothers culture relies on them rather than a dryer (We do have both lol a washer and dryer). There is just nothing better than the smell of clothes dryed in the pure air. Soooo happy your family is there for you and rather sad the little turtle didnt come on my birthday :( would have been nice for both of us :D I am soooooooo soooooo super excited to see you in june we are going to be ther the 19th through the 29th. We def need to have a play date :D Thanks for reading my blog and making a mention for me! I have gotten somemore people to show interest. Hope you are well and the little man comes soon. Please please please tell andrew and I as SOON as things move into motion.

    1. AH YAY WE WILL DEF HAVE TO HAVE A PLAY DATE! I love you girl and will let you know when things get started for sure!!! :) :)

  8. I'm a HUGE clothes line lover to a point where I don't even understand why people put their clothes in a dryer! It's so much more natural, saves a lot of money and it isn't much work at all.
    The only two things I wouldn't dry by air is a - towels, because they tend to get hard and stiff if you never put them in the dryer. But they'll turn soft again once you start putting them in again, and b- baby clothes. Because hanging up all those tiny things, and the fact that you got TONS of dirty baby clothes to wash, it's just impossible unless you have a LOT of baby clothes.

    I'll admit, I'm checking in almost every day expecting a post with baby pictures! I'm so excited for you! Wish you all the best!!!

    1. Oh that is awesome!!! And thanks for the tips on towels I did notice that!!

      Hopefully there will be a post for you soon! :) Blessings!

  9. Hi Katy, I just popped over to your blog because I have been waiting for the big news that your baby was here. :)
    Rebecca over at Butterfly days has been keeping me up to date and I am excited for you both! Seeing your clothes line post made me laugh! I love hanging clothes on the line too! Rebecca always tells me that you and I are somehow related :) May God bless you all Love Rebecca's mom :) Mrs. Martin and all of the little Martins send their hellos :)

    1. Hi! Thank you so so much for stopping by :) :) We still think about you guys a lot! Tell the little ones hi from us too! :) Hope you are all doing so well!
      God bless!

    2. You two are so alike! It's crazy!!

      Love you mommy. ;)

      love you Katy :)

  10. This is so sweet, Katy, and that last picture CRACKED ME UP! So funny! So excited for you to have your little man! you're going to be a great mama! :-)


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