Prayer Request and update on Elijah

10:34 AM

Please keep my father in law, John in your prayers. He is in the cardiac unit at Strong and will be undergoing a procedure at 1 this afternoon. Please pray that his heart will go back to a regular rhythm naturally and he will not have to have any procedure done.

Also, thank you all for your congratulations and support for us during this new chapter in our lives!

Baby is doing well! He had to be in a photo bed because they found out that he had jaundice yesterday. BUT he is doing really well today and we are going to be heading home after one last test Lord willing!

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6 Thoughts

  1. Awww, Katy he's precious!!! :)

  2. Praying for your father in law!! Hope he is better really soon.

    Both of my babies were under the lights for jaundice too...not fun. :( Hope it doesn't keep you in the hospital for too much longer! Going home is SO much fun! :)

  3. So precious! Prayers!
    Through Christ

  4. So wonderful! Glad everyone is doing well!
    I had jaundice when I was born too.

  5. Adorableness!! Congratulations once again on your beautiful baby boy!!

  6. Oh Katy he is just precious! Truly a miracle! God has blessed you and Jason with a handsome little man, and may he grow to be as passionate for God as his Biblical "namesake ". Praying for you as you adjust!


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