It's the little things

7:52 AM

You know some days it is just the little things in life that make the most difference. That is so true for me this morning.

Yesterday my family came and while I had been waiting for that for the past few months-I kind of equated them coming with my little man coming.

That being said he has not made his appearance yet. And yes-I cried about it yesterday (I am so stinking hormonal sometimes lol) telling Jason "I was going to be pregnant forever and just wanted him here...etc..." (paraphrase I can't remember it all lol).

But you know after I cried it out I went and ate an amazing dinner with my siblings and had a super fun evening with them and felt OH SO MUCH better! Sometimes a girl has just gotta cry you know?


Well, today I am 40 weeks! What a huge milestone!!!! :)

Jason is working really hard over the next two days and he got everything ready to go last night so this morning I didn't have his lunch to make (I love making his lunch for him by the way I have found it is just a small way I  can show how much I appreciate how hard he works for me). So I was sleeping when he kissed my on the forehead to say goodbye. I mumbled something and went back to sleep.

Well, a half hour later I decided to eat and I stumbled down our hallway gracefully floated down the hall to get some breakfast when I noticed what he had left for me on the table.

Talk about beauty in the seemingly little things! It made my day :) I truly have the absolutely best husband in the entire world!

Here I am at 40 weeks and looking back on the whole pregnancy-he has been the most patient, loving man to at times a very hormonal and sometimes miserable wife. He loves me unconditionally and what a picture and reminder to me that is of Christ.

Jesus loves us in spite of knowing us! That blows my mind! I am so so thankful for my Savior's love and my husbands love!

So that was the beginning of my day :) Praying that all of your mornings are just as blessed! :)

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6 Thoughts

  1. Aww! How Sweet! And don't worry, you're little guy will be here soon enough =)

    1. Thanks :) I am hoping he will be here soon enough lol :) course...he cant be in there forever at some point he does have to make an appearance! I just need to remember that! LOl :)

  2. So happy for you! I can so so sooooo relate to how you are feeling. I went into labor 6 days OVER my due date and I for SURE thought he was going to come early. Now that he is here (only 8 days old) I can assure you - the longer they stay in the better they are. Our Jude pretty much sleeps through the night at this point! It is amazzzzzing. He will go for 6 hour time stretches and the doctor approved this because he is gaining weight. Anyways, just a little hope in the dispair. Your post sounnds JUST like me in the final days. It is the hardest, hardest, hardest. I also listened to Kari Jobe's song - Steady my Heart over and over and over again. Hope it blesses you too!! Can't wait to see the post of your little guy entering the world. BLESSINGS!!!!!

    1. OH really? Wow! Now the whole sleeping through the night part I CAN HANDLE! That is awesome! What a blessing that makes up (or probably helps make up lol) for those 6 days OVER your due date!

      Thank you so much for your encouragement and I am going to listen to that song right now!

      Blessings on you and your sweet little boy :)

  3. That was so sweet. My sister is currently one week over due, and my mom, my youngest sister and I have been down with her for the past week waiting for the baby. He will come. As my sister says, "He/she just has to come out! Can't stay in there forever...but sometimes I wonder."

    1. LOL can't stay in there forever...but I wonder. SO SO SO TRUE!!! Hehe :) That is neat that you are all able to be with her! :) It is so nice to have family around at times like these :)



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