Snow, Snow, Snow

7:33 AM

Saturday we had a family day! Part of that encompassed Jason and I heading over to my Mom's early (she had been babysitting for us) to spend some time in the great out doors.

We bundled up (ever notice how long that takes) and headed out with Elijah.

He had so much fun as his Daddy pulled him around the church parking lot in his sled.

Aunt Jen took a turn too!

He so adores his Daddy!

Our most recent family picture right before we took our little guy in to warm up.

Once we took Elijah inside Jason and I went back out to build a snowman.

That did not last very long at all! After some pull-ups to impress the wife we set out on a snow hike.

It was truly a winter wonderland.

The sky was gorgeous and the lighting was perfect!

The woods were absolutely gorgeous!

Jason took some pictures as well (we kept passing the camera back and forth).

All in all it was a wonderful day :)

I am so thankful for my husband and my son!
Have you had a family day lately?
I would love to hear about it!

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3 Thoughts

  1. Love the snow pics!!! And the famiy day! Since our family only consists of Brandon & I, we have a date night or day once a week... though I'm very excited because we're going away overnight tonight and will be able to have a date day for most of the day tmr! And then Brandon has to get back to studying... :P

    1. Thanks Naomi!! :) That is SO FUN to have a date night once a week! Tonight sounds SO much fun :) Take lots of pics! I love looking at your pics lol :)

  2. Oh your pictures are just gorgeous!! What a sweet blessed family you are! Our grandson is 8 months old and his name is Elijah also.


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