Spring, Spring, Spring...

9:18 PM

Last year we were in Florida.
The land of blue skies and balmy 70 degree weather all winter long.
Sunshine filled days.

This year we were in New York.
The land of frigidness (is that even a word), snow, wind and ice all winter long.
I am not bitter ;)
Honestly, I really am not because a cold winter definitely has made me appreciate the seasons changing much more.
The next season is here (I think unless we have some more surprises) at last!

So what do you do when it is a sunshine filled Saturday?

Why go to the park of course :)

This was Elijah's first time at a park with Mama and Daddy and he just had so much fun!

Elijah's first time on a seesaw! :)

Sliding down the slide with Mama :)

He LOVES the swings and just laughed and smiled the ENTIRE time we were on them :) 

Working on walking in the grass :) We are almost there!!

A perfect spring day spent at the park :)

What are some fun things you are doing with your family now that it is spring?
 I would love to hear about them :) 

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1 Thoughts

  1. That looks like so much fun! You guys are so cute - I love that you get out and do things together so often!
    We all went up to an apple farm last Monday and picked apples and had their famous apple pie... it was amazing! I'm sad that soon I'll move out of home and not be around to do all these things with my siblings and family :( Can't wait to have my own kiddos to enjoy swings with though!
    Praying blessings on you three! xo Rachael


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