And the boy turns...ONE!

6:59 PM

The older I get the more I realize that not only is time seeming to move faster-it is starting to fly. We have been very busy these last few months.

 Recently some good friends of ours came and visited from Connecticut. We had a lot of fun together! You can read about the trip and see pictures from it on Rebecca's blog: Butterfly Days.

The day after they left was Wednesday, April 17th-Elijah boy's first birthday! We just did a small dinner at my parents house but it was still fun :)

With Grandpa Kelley!
Fun with Aunt Jen :)
Aunt Abby helping him get the dog hair off his pants! :)
Mama and Daddy working on his birthday supper!
He loves his Daddy so very much!
He also loves his cell phone-or any cell phone he can get his hands on!
I love this picture it looks like they are posing for a CD cover!
Enjoying his birthday dinner!!!
Grammie bringing in his cake!!

Grandpa taking pictures :)

Opening his presents (with a little help from Mama).

My big boy! :)
Swinging with Aunt Abby!
Our little family :)

Oh I love that man!
Working on his horse back riding skills!

Happy First Birthday Little Man!! :)

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6 Thoughts

  1. such cute photos!!!!! :D Happy 1st birthday to my little buddy Elijah!!! :D

  2. d'aw so glad you all are happy and healthy! Forgot little man and i share a birthday, hope it was fantastic for him! :D

  3. Happy Birthday Elijah!! It's been so fun to see you grow this past year - I look forward to seeing a lot more of your precious smile and activities as you grow! Love the pictures, Katy!

  4. Oh wow...he is just TOO cute! He looks just like his daddy too. Happy birthday Elijah!!


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