Five Minute Friday: After

10:02 PM

Tonight I am once again doing the five minute Friday that Lisa-Jo Baker hosts!
 One writing prompt. Five minutes. Just write. No editing!

Today's writing prompt is the word\ after.


Dear Elijah,

Before you were born there was just Mama and Daddy. We were so excited when we found out that you were going to be joining our family!

 We know that children are a blessing from the Lord but did not know all that entailed until after you joined our little family and we went from two to three.

Before I was just a wife.

After I am a wife but I am now also a Mama. Your Mama.

Before Daddy was just a husband (and a mighty good one at that).

After not only is he an amazing husband but now he is also an amazing Daddy.

Before we would see babies laugh and smile.

After we understood how precious those laughs and smiles truly are.

Before Mama could feel you moving in my belly. 

After I was able to see your little hands and feet in person. I was in awe. They were so tiny and perfect in every single way.

Before you were born Mama would get lonely sometimes.

After you were born I am not as lonely anymore because I have you.

Before you were born we were just two (almost two years ago on a swing at my parents on our wedding day).

After you were born we became three (almost two years later on that same swing *smile*).

You complete our little family my little man.

I love you,



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6 Thoughts

  1. Sweet. Motherhood is one thing that can only be understood in the after. :-)

  2. They are so very precious. It does change everything about our identity when we become mothers. There is something that just blows my mind about this gift that God has given us... a chance to glimpse the heavenlies, create a life, raise up that life, watch it bloom and grown and move into new seasons. What a blessing you have in your sweet boy :)

  3. Aw, Katy I love your posts! I just spent a good minute looking at that picture of you two on the swing and remembering being a part of your blog when that was all new and just happening! Wow - time goes quick. :) So exciting to celebrate the 'after' and see the journey God is taking you on... :) xo Rachael

  4. Beautiful post. Motherhood is an incredible gift!



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