What really is the reason for the season?

11:23 PM

Yesterday I went to a ladies house and was watching some tv while she napped and was shocked. All over there were ads for great buys and specials that were going to come on but...not once was Christmas mentioned. It was all about the "holiday season". Now, do I think that it is wrong to say holiday? No. But I do think that it is sad that we are forgetting the true reason for the season.

What is that reason?

I love this picture. Maybe it is because I can feel my son moving inside me. Maybe because now I understand just a little bit more what an amazing thing Mary went through during her pregnancy with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Christ is the only thing that makes CHRISTMAS. Lets not forget the TRUE reason for the season! Jesus is the only thing that can make our holidays happy! Lets not forget that! :)

So what are your plans for this Christmas? In a few short weeks we are heading back up to NY and I can hardly wait! We are going to be spending time with both of our families and I just am so excited! One of the most exciting things to me is being able to play piano in church on Sunday, Christmas Day 2011 (a year to the day when we got engaged which-I need to write that story soon) with my sister Abby. What a special gift that will be. My Dad is a pastor and for years Abby and I were the pianists and church and I miss that! Super excited :)

What blessings are you looking forward to in these upcoming months?

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  1. Aw that is so awesome and such a blessing :) We will be going to the in-laws, like usual but it is Lexi's first real Christmas so it is going to be a blast! Plus she loves her little people nativity set :)


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