The Bathroom

10:08 PM

Ok. So as you all know we have been in the midst of remodeling our home-well for the last five-ish months! My man worked so hard yesterday and today to trasform our bathroom from this:

To this:

And then just because the mirror was there here is Elijah just saying hi to all of you lovely blog readers ;) 21 weeks and counting! :)

I am so proud of my hard working husband! He is such a blessing to me and he has just really made this house into our home :) So there it is-one more room that we have worked on and finished! :) Dining room is next (because our house is on an angle in a corner of it not even kidding)!

Have any of you been doing any home projects?

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10 Thoughts

  1. Awesome, Katy!!! You and Jason have done an outstanding job there!!

  2. The bathroom looks lovely! Definitely a fan of the soap too ;)
    And Elijah is looking good :)

    You are so blessed to have a hard working man as your husband! I hope one day to marry one of God's hard working warrior-poets!

  3. What a transformation! He's such a hard worker, and y'all have fantastic taste. Wow.. I'm really impressed. It's really nice, Mrs. Hollands. :)

    Praying for y'all daily. {hugs}


    P.S. Your dress is beautiful... and your baby bump even purdy-er!

  4. Awww thank you ladies :) And Shelby you are so sweet! You just made my day! Hugs right back!!!! :)

  5. Lady B-I am SO Blessed to have married my husband! They are out there and I know the Lord will send one your way in His good time if it is His will :) I am excited to see what He continues to do in your life! :)
    Blessings :)

  6. It looks great, Katy! I love the purple. We have a purple bathroom too. :-)

  7. What a difference! Looks great!

    Congratulations on baby Elijah!

  8. AWESOME job in the bathroom, and you are looking gorgeous!

  9. BTW thats a very odd way to put a plug in?

  10. You should do a house tour!


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