22 weeks and counting down!

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I got this idea from Anna at Hope Road and Anna (different one) at Young and Married :) I am on my last day of my 22nd week so here we go:

Size of baby:
My baby is the size of a spaghetti squash this week! It is about 11 inches long. I love how Baby Center has weekly updates it is so much fun to see how much a week makes a difference in the baby! :)


Total weight gain:
I have probably gained about 15ish pounds at this point. EEP! It is definitely all baby though at this point still (thankfully lol). Honestly, I have really started looking pregnant without a shadow of a doubt and it seems to have happened overnight!!! Today my sweet husband looked at me and said: "I love you...even if you do look like Pooh Bear." LOL :) I love him so much! Can hardly wait to see what my family has to say when they see this belly when we are back in NY in TEN DAYS!

Maternity clothes:
I was so so blessed my a friend named Katie who owns Katie's Merchantile. She unexpectedly sent me a BOX FULL or baby clothes AND of maternity skirts (which I wanted desperately) as well as other maternity outfits. It was such a blessing! Then yesterday another friend gave me a pair of JEANS that, while they are not maternity, fit me PERFECTLY and were something I had been needing since NY is a frigid state and we will be going there for two weeks and I have no winter clothes anymore. Why you ask? Well, I live in Fl. Enough said. Lol :)
Elijah is kicking up a storm! A few nights ago Jason put his hand on my belly and out of the blue Elijah kicked him and hard! It was the first one Jason had really felt. So special :) Last night I was talking to him and he was moving all over! I am so excited to see what happens in the next few weeks! He sure is active like his Daddy! :)

Still sleeping really well so far! I am thankful for that :)

What I miss:
I miss...what do I miss? Honestly, I really have gotten to the point where my pregnancy is becoming the norm! I do miss not having acid reflux (any tips for that ladies) and also being able to bend over without feeling like there is a rubber tire around my stomach! Lol :) Other than that I am loving being pregnant!

I am not really like craving sugar if anything I am more salty stuff (ok so, tortilla chips with melted cheese oh wow amazing!).

Other then acid reflux...things are going great!!!

What I am looking forward to:
When Elijah kicks and I will be able to SEE my belly move! I can hardly wait for that!!!! :)

Honestly I am feeling great! Which is awesome! And we set up Elijah's crib as well as figured out how we are going to set up the house :) That is always fun! :)

Best moment this week:
Probably last night when I was talking to Elijah and it really did seem like he was kicking in response :) And when I put on that pair of jeans and they FIT! What an answer to prayer that was! :)

Ok, so that is my latest update! Just a few tidbits :)

I am going to be hosting a give away soon! Stay tuned for details!! :)

My brother has started a blog:
Changing One Week At A Time
please take some time to visit him and give him some encouragement :)

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9 Thoughts

  1. acid reflux= Tums! they are miracle workers. and sitting upright for 45ish minutes after eating!! And not going to bed after eating until at least 30 mins. If its terrible ask your dr, he can prescribe something :)
    What a blessing! I gained 40 lbs my whole pregnancy and was so excited that I didn't get stretch marks and then the day after I delivered there they were, ha! Oh well, so worth it!

  2. Awh, I am getting so excited for you! Love that you really couldn't come up with things you miss because you love being pregnant- so sweet.

  3. Danielle-Thank you so much for the advice! I am definitely going to try tums for sure!!!! :) Whew. It is nice to know I am not the only one! LOl :)

  4. Lady B-You are so sweet :) And always make me smile :) Thank you!

  5. Papaya works great, and you can't really overdose on it. Also, it's natural, and it works like a champ for acid reflex. The bottle should last for quite a while. If the acid reflex is REALLY bad, you can always take papaya and tums, but the papaya should work by itself.

  6. I guess I should say, the chew-able papaya pills are what I'm talking about. =)

  7. You look great, Katy! Pregnancy updates are so fun! :) I'm glad everything is going well for you.

  8. Wow! We are really close together here! I am 20 weeks...but don't feel much movement. My placenta is in the front so it acts as a cushion...so hard to feel movements! But, for my acid reflux I take TUMS. My doctor says it is actually a very highly recommended remedy because the calcium is good for the baby. Anything that is good for baby is good in my book!! :) Glad you are feeling well and doing so good too. Blessings!!!

  9. Awww, I'm just so happy for you. :) :) :) I still canNOT believe that you are married AND pregnant! Wow! It doesn't seem like it was all that long ago that we were having long chats on Xanga. ;) I loved reading all about your pregnancy. I can't wait to experience all of that someday. I'm thrilled that you get to go home soon and see all of your family!!!


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