23 weeks and a reminder...

11:06 PM

Tonight we went over to a friends house and watched this movie:

And all the sudden-I was in the Christmas spirit.  I sat there and pondered what my Savior went through to come to this world as a little one. What his parents went through as they followed God and chose to trust Him.

It was made even more special as my own little man kicked me the entire time we were watching the movie! What a miracle life is and even more so a life in Christ!

So tonight-I am pondering-my Savior. And I am thankful, so very thankful, that He CHOSE to come to this would to save a wretch like me!


A time to ponder our Savior :)


Ps: I do not have time to do my weekly update but I did do the picture. I have been compared to Pooh bear, a teletubby and Santa Claus. Lol :) I am so thankful my son is growing! I can hardly wait to meet my little man!!! :)

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