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This is a guest post that I am very excited to share! A few years ago I can across a blog called A Rather Unusual Maiden for God and met a girl named Rebecca :)

We quickly became very good friends and over the years she became a sister of my heart :) Jason and I were so excited to actually get to meet her in real life along with her now husband Justin! You can read about that visit here: "Meeting Katy and Jason".

God has been doing some really neat things in her life including her marrying her prince and to chronicle this new chapter of her life she has started a new blog entitled Butterfly Days. Please feel free to stop by and meet her :) She is an amazing person and truly a blessing from God in my life :) And now without further ado-here is her guest post:

One beautiful spring day last year my brother was outside when he heard strange noises coming from a bush. Being the ever curious one, he set out to investigate. He found a Robin trapped. Some string was tied around her leg and had snagged onto a branch. Try as she might, the Robin could not get free.

My brother managed to catch the robin, and gently untangle the string and remove it from her leg. Then he let her go. She was free!!

I sometimes feel trapped by problems, and end up making a fine mess of it on my own. Thinking of the Robin makes me realize- I too can't get out of trouble alone!! Just like when the robin couldn't free herself. She needed a rescuer. My brother rescued that little bird and she was free!
So when troubles come I turn to my Redeemer, and He "frees" me.

I have trouble with.... Worrying. I worry and worry and worry….. lol. Many young ladies tell me they suffer the same affliction. I often become tangled in this web called "worry" till I am so consumed in my worrying that I forget to call upon my Savior.

I know the Lord is in Control of every situation- but I need to make this "head knowledge" into "heart knowledge".

Psalm 27 is one of my favorite passages to read when I am worrying, it is a beautiful comfort to me.
It is also a blessing to go to my husband when worries come. Justin will always stop what he is doing and hold me close and remind me that I don't need to worry. I am blessed!!

If you ever find yourself worrying, the best way to stop is…

-read a few psalms
-talk to someone who you can count on for encouragement.

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