You know those Toll House cookie things?

9:24 PM

So you know those Toll House cookie icecream sandwich things? When I was little one of my favorite memories with Dad was going on our "date". He would let me pick a treat and then we would talk and it was amazing father/daughter time. One of those treats I remember sharing with him (he always got one too) was a chocolate chip cookie icecream sandwich.

In the years since while, I enjoy these cookiewich concoctions, I have never really had a burning desire to have one. Until tonight.

It started when we were talking with our group of friends where we wanted to go to get food. "A gas station so I can get one of those ice cream sandwich things" was all my heart desired.  So we decided to go to Wegmans eventually but that ice cream sandwhich just would not leave my head.


So, we went to Wegmans. I ate some really nasty egg rolls and then decided I was ready for my ice cream fix. They did not have them.

So, we went to Walmart. I went straight to that amazing ice cream isle and there was side tracked by some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I looked for the chocolate fudge brownie kind (surely that would suffice) but, they only had small containers and I wanted a BIG one. So, I went down to get my ice cream sandwich instead-it was not there.

So then we went to Byrne Dairy. They had some cookwiche things but my friend pointed out that they were harder and I knew they just would not taste the same as the amazing Toll house goodness.

We proceeded to get in the car and my amazing friend drove me to ANOTHER gas station. Fourth try had to work! All I could think of the whole was there was opening that yellow wrapper, eating around the soft edges first then moving in on the rest. I could see it. I could taste it. I have never wanted something more in my life it seemed!!!

Pregnancy craving you think? I didn't believe they existed! But after tonight-I am not so sure!!!

Fourth time was the charm!!! I walked in. Marveled at the price and how it was smaller than when I was a little girl on a date with my Daddy then opened the case and picked it up. It was so close. I paid. Walked out to the car. Opened it.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten in my entire life! I savored every bite (feeling somewhat like Ratatoulle with music playing in my head as I was amazed at the flavor).

When it was done I heaved a contented sigh and closed my eyes. What satisfaction!

Kinda ridiculous huh? But I am serious! This really happened! And I jumped out of the car and came to tell you all about it :)

Have any of you ever had food cravings like that?

This is not my official 2012 post :) This past few weeks in NY have been amazing and God has been doing a lot! I can hardly wait to share it with you all :)

Also, we are thinking about doing a newsletter about our ministry in Florida and I will be updating more about that on here as well :)

In the meantime-Elijah is growing and so am I (yeah-the ice cream cookwhiche I am sure did not help that lol)!:

My amazing friend Taylor took this picture :) She is an up and coming photographer and had written on her facebook page asking for people who would let her take pictures of them so she could add to her portfolio. Who can pass up a free maternity session? Not me! :) It was a lot of fun and so far I am impressed! If you are interested (and live in NY lol) check out her facebook page TJC Photography.

I am blessed.

God is amazing.

I am going to go spend time with my family :)


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3 Thoughts

  1. I totally think that the cravings are real! I just hit my 3 month mark and I have been having the issue of if someone mentions some sort of food I instantly want it. Lol :)

  2. hehe! that is too funny! lov eth pic. too cute! happy 2012 to you and yours. :)


  3. Ha, I enjoyed this post, Katy! I never had many pregnancy cravings, only aversions, so I think I kind of missed out. :-)


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