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So here are the nursery pictures I told you would be coming :) I love it honestly and I don't think that pictures do it justice but at least there is an idea! It is simple but perfect for us and I am so ready for my little man to get here so we can put this room to use (besides me walking into it every day and dreamily smiling as I look around lol).

We decided to go with the Noah's Ark theme which has sort of morphed into jungle animals (which still fits lol). Elijah's bed is ready and waiting for him to be here!!

This picture the lighting was kind of weird but it is what you see when you walk into Elijah's room. I don't know if you can tell but the walls are clouds which is something my amazingly artistic and inovative husband came up with :)  Another reason we decided to do the Noah's Ark/Jungle Animals theme.

 Elijah's dresser stuffed to the brim with clothes. Truly he is one blessed little boy! I can HARDLY WAIT to bless people the way they have blessed me during this pregnancy! It is so fun it is like this club you join when you become a Mama :) So fun to swap clothes and baby stuff! Such a blessing too! :)

Love, love, love these stickers! They were from Walmart and only about $11 dollars! So worth it! They just added so much to his room :)

 My little man's clothes (well a very small portion of them lol). People have been SO generous! Truly Elijah is set for the first year of his life! See that row of overal's? They range from 3-12 months! I LOVE IT! :)

 My little man's clothes next to his Daddy's clothes :) Makes me smile when I see it! And yes, they are sharing a closet but that is ok! I think it is just adorable  :)

A beautiful handmade quilt my Aunt Val made for Elijah. She also made us a quilt when we got married so now he has one in his room and we have one in our room :)

And it would not have been possible without the help of my amazing Mom who stayed with us for a week :) She helped us organize and put things in places I didn't even know we had! It was so much fun! :) And a very special memory as well :)

And that is it folks! :)

My family left today (except my sister Jen who is staying which I am SUPER excited about) and so now things will get on more of a scedule Lord willing :)

Things have been going really well! As you can see below Elijah is growing and so am I...alot. It scares me sometimes how fast the pounds seem to add up! Lol :)

And no-I did not know that my sister was taking my picture!! But there I am at 27 weeks :) I also got a baby shower thrown for me by a lady who is so sweet and wow I was so incredibly blessed! It is so neat how I have a family in NY and yet, I also have family in FL :)

An amazing cake my amazing friend Darla made :) So adorable!!

This is the young adults sunday school teacher and such an amazing blessing to us here in Florida :)

 Me and an AMAZING friend that I have met here in Florida :) She is such a sweetie!!!

My beautiful Mom and I :) It was so neat that she was able to be there for her first grandbabies shower!

So yes, life has been wonderful the last three weeks with visits to NY and then my family visiting Florida but now it will be returning to more normalacy. 12 weeks until my little man's due date! Hard to believe how fast the time is going by!

Until next time :) God bless!

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5 Thoughts

  1. When I was pregnant with my first I don't know if I could have organized as well without my mom. Moms are SUCH a HUGE blessing. My mom just happens to be one of the world's best organizers so it was great to have her help! Everything looks like you are just about ready for baby's grand entry...hope things continue to go so well!! :)

  2. Oh Katy I love the nursery!! So cute! :) Pregnancy looks really good on you dear. :) Praying for you!

  3. I love the nursery! It looks great!

  4. What an exciting time! I did the same thing before our little Verity Grace was born...go into the prepared room and look through her stuff and dream. <3 I just loved being pregnant but even more exciting are those weeks leading up to the new arrival! Glad to hear that you are going the natural route! Not many people do but it is sooo worth it. And don't worry about losing those "baby pounds", if you are eating healthy (but a lot!) then the pounds will drop off after baby is born if you are going to breastfeed. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a few months and that was without even exercising.
    P.S. Where are you from in NY? I am from NY but then got married and now live in PA. :)

  5. I simply adore the clouds! The room is beautiful. So excited for you! I am sure you will be wonderful!
    Through Christ


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