Prayers and Praises from Florida :)

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We decided to start a prayer letter to share what the Lord has been doing here in Florida with our friends and family. Here is our first letter :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012
  Dear Friends and Family,
  I didn't think that I would be writing this first prayer email so soon but this past weekend I have been absolutely amazed at what the Lord has been doing and so I really felt as though I needed to share it with all of you so we could have others praying for us and the work that is going on down here in Florida. This past week Jason refocused on the actual goal that we have for being here. Which is to share the Gospel and to teach and equip others to be able to share the Gospel with others. So, after that re-commitment things just exploded in a way.
Saturday was a really amazing day! First thing in the morning some Jehovah's Witnesses showed up at our door for the second week in a row. One of the ladies from the previous week had returned bringing along a man this time. Jason and Jen were able to really share and witness with them for over half an hour. They will be coming back this week. Please pray-that the Lord will continue to soften their hearts especially the younger women's and that the Lord will give Jason and Jen and I wisdom as we interact with them.
After witnessing to the Jehovah's Witnesses it was time to play soccer. About 14 boys showed up and almost half of them were new! So, before the game Jason got out his stuff and gave a Gospel message as well as juggled. One boy in particular was very receptive and thanked Jason afterwards then showed up for church today! Please pray-for this boy and also his friends that they will continue to come and also continue to search and find the answer-Jesus!
So Jason played soccer and football for hours. Then he went to a friends house and stacked wood. By this time he was EXTREMELY hungry because he hadn't really had a chance to eat all day. So we went home and I was going to get dinner. Well, instead he was invited to play basketball with two guys that he doesn't really get to hang out with a lot. So I gave him water and a snack and off he went. He was so exhausted but after playing he got to really witness to the one guy who listened and then invited him back sometime to talk more! Please pray-for both of these guys that the Lord will soften their hearts and for wisdom for Jason as he shares Jesus with them.
So finally Jason got home and ate dinner then went and cleaned the church! It was a very full day for him :) But so neat to see all that the Lord is doing! Today we had Bible study and we talked about the Gospel. In fact, Jason went through it all along with some role playing. It was really amazing to see how some people responded. One boy especially realized that he is not good enough to measure up to God's perfect standard. They definitely have some things to think about after tonight. Also, now every single person in our study has heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray-for one of these boys especially who knows that he is not good enough but thinks that he would not be able to change anyway even if he did get saved. Also for the others who heard the Gospel tonight.
God is doing so much here and we are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Please continue to remember us here. Truly it is a mission field here and the harvest is ready but the laborers are few.

  • My sister Jen is here and what a blessing she has been!
  • Our little one is due in less than 12 weeks! We are getting so excited. Please pray for continued safety and a safe delivery.
  • The people that the Lord continues to put in our path in amazing ways!

We would love to stay in contact with you! May the Lord richly bless you.

For HIS glory,

Jason, Katy and Elijah

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