Letters to Elijah

2:00 PM

Dear Little Man,

Yesterday Mama went to see Karen (your midwife). I drove about two hours. You may be thinking that is pretty far but Karen is a christian and your Daddy and I absolutely love her! She loves you already :)

Before I went to see Karen I had to stop at a Denny's and eat a specific breakfast so that once I got to the office I would be able have my blood tested for gestational diabetes. Because I had to go by myself this time (your Daddy has been working at a job so hard the past few days he is such a good provider) I decided to go on a much needed date with Jesus. Why you ask? Well, Mama has been struggling lately in her walk with Jesus and two  nights I had some repenting to do and after that today was like a fresh start. It was wonderful! I want so badly to be a godly example to you baby boy. I pray that when you look at me you will see Jesus shining through me and you will become a mighty man of God Elijah boy!

So, got to the office and while I was waiting this super nice lady came with her 14 month old daughter. She is a pastor's wife and so her baby is around people all the time. All the sudden her little one came right over to me and lifted her arms wanting up. I picked her up and sat her in my lap and just got so excited thinking that soon SO VERY SOON I will have my own little baby boy to cuddle and love on. I can hardly wait Elijah! I am so excited to meet you!

Speaking of meeting you. Last night I dreamed that I got to see you! Then when Karen gave me a quick peek at you yesterday I GOT TO SEE YOUR FACE! You are so adorable! You have the cutest little button nose that slightly turns up and your cheeks are already starting to get pudgy! You were opening and closing your little mouth and even sucking on your umbilical cord. The last two times I have seen you had your little arm up next to your face. That is exactly how your Daddy sleeps so pretty sure you got that from him :)

Speaking of your Daddy:

This is my new most favorite picture of him :) He hates having his picture taken but this one was candid and it turned out so good! I keep telling him that he will have to get used to having his picture taken once you get here because Mama will be taking pictures all the time! He is the best man in the whole world Elijah. He loves Mama and you so very much! He is getting so excited for you to come too.

I wonder a lot of things baby boy. Like willing you be a ham in front of the camera like Mama? Who are you going to look like more? What is your personality going to be like? Are you going to like certain kinds of foods. How will I know when you first smile at me? Hopefully you will like cloth diapers! :) Hopefully I will figure out how to use them!

I am so thankful for you baby boy :)

Yesterday I was 29 weeks! I found out that I could give birth in NINE WEEKS and that you would be considered full term! Also, now I have to go and visit Karen every TWO weeks! Wow! That makes it seem more real :)

Here I am at 29 weeks and Karen told me today that I am exactly on target for how much weight I have gained! Whew! :) You are getting SO BIG! You are moving too but you are definitely laid back baby boy. Which I do not mind at all! I am still able to sleep through the night although you were kicking pretty hard this morning :)

Well baby boy Daddy will be home from work soon so I am going to wrap this up.
I love you little one,

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6 Thoughts

  1. Oh Katy, thank you for sharing this letter with us. I have been reading your blog but haven't commented for a while; what a blessing Elijah is already to you, Jason, and those around you! And how blessed is he to have you for his mommy...
    God knows what He's doing - of that I am sure and glad! And I know that you know it too... He has a great plan for you, and Jason - and for Elijah! And God's plans for all of you go beyond whatever situation or struggle there is right now.
    I wish I could somehow pray for you over the internet, but that's a bit tricky... ;) Instead, know that I am praying for all of you and for a smooth rest of your pregnancy and blessing upon little Elijah!

    Prayers and blessings, In Christ,


  2. Can't believe you are already 29 weeks, my time flies fast! Cute belly pic :-)

  3. wow what a uneak idea to write letter to your coming baby... where did you get that idea?

  4. Thanks Jennifer :)

    And Shaundrah I am an avid journaler and so it seemes like a natural thing to me but my Mama inspired me because she wrote me letters then gave them to me as a wedding present. It was so special so I thought I would try it too :)

  5. Hello Katy!

    Can you please go read my latest blog post?


    You're one of those I referred to. :) I've been reading your blog since before you met Jason, and it's really blest me. Thank you!

  6. Hi Katy! How sweet, and you are so adorable! It will be so exciting to 'meet' your little man, over this blog. =)


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