"Eleven Post" :)

1:28 PM

I have been tagged! :) Thanks to Anna over at Operation: Micah 6:8 :)
First the rules:
1.) You must post these rules
2.) Each person must post eleven things about them on their blog.
3.) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

11 things about me:
1. I love thrift store shopping and am starting to really love garage sales! Here in Florida we have garage sales all year which is awesome! I am absolutely amazed at the deals that you can get. It is totally amazing :)

2. I have realized that I have a huge addiction to love for hummus and tortilla chips. Yumminess! I have also realized that I need to start making my own hummus because it is an expensive addiction love.

3. I love watching Food Network shows on the internet (because we do not have a tv).

4. I am have been convicted about the way we eat (because of my diet a few years ago I was sick for over a year you can read some of that journey by clicking HERE)  and am attempting to switch over to a more healthy/natural life style. I have found some amazing blogs about more natural living and have them listed to your left on my side bar. They are pretty inspiring! :)

5. My amazing husband and I got married EXACTLY one year and two months to the day that we met. I absolutely adore him. He truly is the greatest gift God ever gave me! The funny thing is that we have not even known each other two years yet (it will be two years March 28,2012 a day before his 22nd birthday)! It is amazing to me how so much can change in so short a time and I am SO THANKFUL it did!
 6. I was inspired by Callie over at Through Clouded Glass to not just think about cloth diapering but actually do it and I am so excited to try it out!!! :) You can read her series on cloth diapering by clicking HERE.
7. I am trying to make more things that are food related as well as things around the house by myself. I already make my own laundry soap and LOVE it (hopefully a tutorial will be coming sooner rather than later lol) because it saves SO much money with each load literally costing me $0.01 or less!
8. I want to get back into sewing. I am currently working on a nursing cover and am excited/slightly nervous to see how it comes out lol.
9. I am so excited for my Elijah boy to be here! Six weeks till full term and eight weeks till due date! Wondering if he will be early or late. Probably late considering I was three weeks late (so sorry Mom I can not imagine)!!
10. I love my Jesus and am so annoyed at myself at how often I put Him off and make other things that have no meaning or lasting significance priority in my life instead of Him. Still working on learning to balance that with being a wife and soon Mama. I want Jesus first! It definitely takes disclipline.
11. I really desire a cloths line. I know so weird but seriously I have always thought they were so romantic and love how the clothes smell and look hanging out there in a straight line. Yes, there is a reason why many people think I am like Anne from Anne of Green Gables. Did I just prove it to you? ;)
Questions for me:
  1. When did you become a believer? I became a believer when I was very young at six years old. I didn't understand what it meant to build my life around Jesus until a few years later. To read my salvation story in more detail click HERE. 
  2. What has been a very influential book in your spiritual walk? How? I would have to say a book called "Sacred Singleness" by Leslie Ludy. It really challenged me to be content and complete in Jesus Christ instead of constantly looking to fill that void with other things or people.
  3. What is your favourite store to shop at? Grocery store is definitely Aldi's. Any other regular store is definitely thrift stores!
  4. Do you wear your hair up or down in general? Mostly down because my love likes it like that :) His favorite is when I pull back the top part of my hair in somewhat of a poof.  Example:

5. What city would you like to live in? Honestly, I would never want to live in a city. I am a country girl at heart and LOVE having space!! :)
6. Who is one of your spiritual mentors? I would have to say here in Florida a lady from our church named Darla. She has just taken me under her wing and has shared so much wisdom with me. It is such a blessing to have someone like her here!
7. If someone gave you a large sum of money, what would you do with it? Give some of it away then go shopping for bargains and do some landscape work around our little white house :)
8. Are you a night person or a morning person? Well, I would tend to be more of a night person but then it depends on why I would have to wake up early cause if it is worth it then I am a morning person.
9. Starbucks or Caribou Coffee? Why? I do not like coffee. There, I said it. Please don't shoot me. I love tea instead :)
10. Do you enjoy long trips or dread them, whether in a car or a plane? Well, long trips are a whole lot easier to enjoy in a plane time-wise but driving in a car is a lot of fun too because you can stop and see places and people a long the way :)
11. What's your favourite genre of music? I absolutely LOVE sound tracks and instrumental scores. Maybe it is because I have played piano since I was six but yeah so inspiring! :)
Now, my questions:
  1. Do you like salty or sweet better?
  2. What are three words you would use to descibe yourself?
  3. What is the neatest things that ever happened to you in your life?
  4. What is your favorite Bible verse? Why.
  5. Would you rather read a good book or watch a movie to relax?
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. Who is the person who inspires you the most?
  8. What is one thing about you that people don't usually know?
  9. Would you rather be hot or cold?
  10. What is your favorite type of food?
  11. What is your favorite classic old movie?
Okay and here are the people I tag:
Julia at- Julia's Journal
Rebecca at- Butterfly Days
Christiana at- My Life For Christ
 Lauren at- Lauren Rae Photography
 My sister Abby at- Mexico Bound
 Stephanie at- Thirsty Soul
Miss Raquel at-God's Daughter
Edessa at- A Flower For Moms
I had so much fun with this and hopefully you all got to know me a little better thought it :)
Still wanting to do a Q&A post so if you have a question for me now is the time to ask :)
Hope you all have a blessed day!! :)

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33 Thoughts

  1. How fun! I loved reading more about you. :) Good for you for wanting to CD. I have been thinking that I'd like to do that when I have a baby. It just seems so much smarter all around.

    I can't believe you and Jason haven't even known each other for 2 years! Crazy!

    1. I know isn't it insane??? I have known you longer!!! Lol :)

    2. Hahaha, I hadn't thought of that! Well I feel special. Lol!

  2. My husband and i have been together 2 years last October and our 2nd wedding anniversary is April 10th! It truly is a God thing! Cloth diapering is amazing- i absolutely love it! If you need any help at all dont be afraid to ask!

    1. Awww that is so cool! And yes I will definitely ask for help with the cloth diapering!!! Thanks so much for offering :)

  3. I tried humus for the first time last summer and I love the stuff! It's really tasty with pita chips.

    1. Oh yum! I will have to try it with pita chips :)

  4. Awww Im noticing I really dont have anyone to tagg in this.... What happens when I tag you again hahahah? FYI My parents have a cloths line and I love it. On nice days we hang our blankets and pillows out. Plus in the spring and Summer I dont think we ever use the dryer.

    1. Ok, so that means that I could pretty much not use my dryer all year round here in FL. AWESOMENESS!!!!! Lol :)

  5. I do not think it is weird that you want a clothesline. I would like one someday when I get married, and maybe sometime I can convince my parents to put one up in the yard. My mom would like one too, I think, but it's a matter of finding a place to rig it up, and putting it up. (It would have to be long, considering how many people are in our family - 12!) And our dryers usually work/last longer than our washers... hmmm.

    I don't really like coffee either! =) Good to know I'm not the only one. I've tried different mochas, but they're just not as good as hot chocolate or a yummy tea (or a milkshake =)! (I'm more of a chocolate person. =)

    My mom has cloth diapered for almost 16 years (since kid#3 out of 10), starting out with the flat folds/diaper pins. We now use mainly the all-in-one types, but we've also used the diapers and covers. It's very normal to me, and just a way of life, to see babies in cloth diapers and to use cloth diapers, though at the moment, our washer is on the fritz and we've just been using disposables mainly. =) The main issue with CD is just keeping up on the laundry. =) But, of course, it's also worth it considering how much money you can save. And disposable is always an option for going out, or on long trips or during moves, etc. =)

    1. Yay another person who does not like coffee!!!! Hehe ;) And now I want a milkshake...hmmmm. Lol :)

      That is so cool that she has cloth diapered for that long! Whew she should write a book about it!!! I am starting out with the flips diaper covers (they were cheaper lol) but would LOVE to try the AIO's :) And disposables are great for a break :)

    2. Oh! Sorry, I was thinking of pocket diapers! My mom doesn't like the AIOs as much because you can't change the amount of absorbency. With pocket diapers, you can do one or two liners depending on if it's for daytime or nighttime. Anyway, just wanted to clarify that... (see, even after being around it for so long, I still got it wrong. Oh well. I was thinking they were like all in one because the diaper and cover are not seperate. But really, it's the diaper and liners that are seperate.)

    3. I actually got 2 pocket diapers for free and although they are purple (ahem) I told hubby with a deal like that Elijah would not mind ;) Lol :) Would prefolds work to stuff it or do you actually have to get liners? What liners does your family use? :) I love talking about diapers-I am so weird!!! LOL :)

    4. We've used Nurtured Family and some micro-fiber ones. If you use micro-fiber liners, you have to use 1/3 of the soap, or they will lose their absorbancy. We've tried some all cotton liners, but they were stiff and uncomfortable.

      Prefolds would work fine for liners, or in the flips diaper covers. =) Those flips diaper covers look cool! My mom said she would be willing to try those (we hadn't heard of them before), and they look good! =)

    5. Awesome! I am actually going to try to make my own prefolds. We will see how that works! Gotta love google and tutorials ;)

      And yeah the flips are so cool! I have read so many reviews and most people LOVE them!

  6. Oh, thank you for tagging me! How fun! I'm glad I inspired you to try cloth diapering, I actually think its a lot of fun to put him his cute diapers every day. :-)

    1. You are welcome :) I can hardly wait to put him in his diapers! I feel like such a nerd being so excited about...diapers!!! LOL :)

  7. Number 9 question- Yay, there is someone else out there :)
    What fun. I definitely enjoyed this.
    Through Christ

  8. Replies
    1. It was super fun to do! Lol :) You should totally do it too! There that was my tag for you ;)

  9. Thanks so much for tagging me! I'll try to get it answered before I leave town. I'll be student teaching in Africa in just a few short days! But you've got some great questions there and it looks like such fun.... If I don't get to them now, it'll definitely be when I get back :-)

    1. Oh my goodness that is SO AWESOME ABOUT AFRICA! Def praying for you and your trip :) :)

  10. what a sweet family you all are! btw, i love hummus too! it is addicting and the best part about it is that it is fairly healthy :)

    1. Awww thank you :) And yeah it comforts me that hummis is healthy too especially when I eat way too much at one time of it! lol :)

  11. Good for you for giving cloth a try! It saves so much money, it's awesome. I LOVE Aldi. They have the best dark chocolate. And your hair is cute! When mine is down, I wear it like that, partially pulled up. I totally had to chuckle when you mentioned you wanted a clothes line. Only because I pined and pined for one until Hubby let me buy a retractable one. He didn't think I would use it, but I've worn it out (hanging up cloth diapers, mostly!) so I'm trying to sweet talk him into welding me a big one. ;) I love getting excited about the simple things in life, ya know?! Cloth diapers, clothes lines, and fresh eggs from my own chickens and I'm content. :P

    8 more weeks! You're almost there!!

  12. Yay I am so happy to have another mama say that cloth is awesome! Lol :) And I have never had the dark chocolate from aldi! Oh wow I need to try that loL :)

    That is so funny that you wanted a cloths line too! Hehe :) I know exactly what you mean about getting excited about the simple things in life :)

    you have your own chickens? How did you get started with that? We want our own SO BAD! We will see about that :)

    1. I grew up with them, so I just had to pretty-please the Hubby into building me a hen house. ;) We ordered chicks from a hatchery (the summer I was pregnant with my son, actually!) and went from there! We're technically not supposed to have "livestock" in our town, but it's an agriculture area, so nobody really cares.

      I tried to keep goats (we have almost 2 acres in a rural suburb) but that bleated and carried on every time they came in season, and I was afraid the neighbors wouldn't like that. So, we got rid of them. SADNESS! I would have loved the fresh milk. But, the nice thing about chickens, they don't take much space and the hens are relatively quiet! Plus, many many city ordinances actually allow for a certain number of hens (no roosters) - which is nice!

    2. That is awesome! So they are pretty easy to take care of then? Are you getting eggs? That stinks about the goats!!! :) Man, now I want to go just buy some animals! Lol :) Maybe should wait till after the baby! lol :)

  13. you tagged me eh? lol. I will have to work on posting this!
    thanks! love ya

    1. Of course I tagged you my favoritest sister I met through blogging ever ;) Love you :)

  14. I finally did mine!!! check it out!


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