In Memory of Azlynn

10:09 AM

Please pray for this precious family. My friend Rebecca over at Butterfly days did a post on them and I figured I would do one as well just so we can get more people praying for this precious family.

The Cretzman's had been traveling around the US doing deputation in preparation to go to Cuba as foreign missionaries. There was a car accident on Monday, February 20, 2012 and their little three year old girl Azlynn did not survive.

Right now their needs are:

2. Medical Expenses
3. Bereavement Costs
4. Vehicle needed

Please visit their website

Please also remember them in prayer. I can not imagine what they are going through right now. Also, if you have a blog please consider reposting this, and spread the word and the support and the prayer needs for this family.

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  1. That's terrible! How hard, to be preparing to leave for Cuba like that and now this happening... thanks for sharing! We need to keep this family in our prayers...


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