My Loves and a Confession.

7:44 PM

So the Lord gave us a blessing and our friend Sarah (Check out her blog In His Image) took some family pictures for us! Here are some of my favorites:

Just looking at these pictures reminds me of something.
 I am so blessed.
 It also reminds me of something else.
 A lesson the Lord has been teaching me that I have been trying to avoid and just ignore.
Well, that really is not working anymore!  
See-I have a prince of a husband.
 I also have the sweetest little man.
 I love to get on face book and this blog and share things about them and how amazing they are.
 I mean come on, what Mama/wife doesn't right?
However I just realized something this past week.
What would happen if I actually spent more time off the computer spending time
and investing in my prince and my little man?
You know instead of just spending more time then necessary on the computer talking about them.
The thing that cemented that in my mind was when I thought of all the times I have been doing something on the computer and I look over and see my little man just looking at me.
 I know that he is wondering why Mama is not paying more attention to him.
The sad part is that I would look at him, see the look on his face, talk to him for a moment and then just...go back to what I was doing because "I will be done in a minute" or "It just 'can't' wait".
The problem is that once I get on the computer the five minutes turns into ten then fifteen then before I know it-an hour has flown by...
Am I saying that the Internet is a bad thing?
 No, not necessarily.
But for me it has become an addiction.
 Yes, I will admit it-I am addicted to the computer.

No, I don't do awful things on the computer and most of what I do I can say is research or networking or whatever...but the bottom line is that it is taking me away from the responsibility that the Lord has given me-my precious family.

 The computer will always be there but those moments with my little man?
 He will not be three months forever.
 I am tired of missing things with him, not because I am not there in person, but because I am preoccupied or focusing on something seemingly more important at that moment.
I am also tired of not spending the time I should with my prince.
I can read about how to better my marriage on all these amazing blogs all day long, but when it actually comes down to taking the time to apply what I have learned...all to often it does not happen the way it needs to.
I am called to be my husband's help meet and that I truly believes
includes taking the time investing in him!
Just given him my FULL attention without being preoccupied with face book
or the latest pin on pinterest is a start!
Now, once again, these things in and of themselves are not wrong, however, they are something in my life that has been taking time away from my Savior Jesus Christ and from my precious family. I can not allow that to happen anymore.

Right now I am realizing that in this new year (so weird to think I am 22 years old now!) I need to do a lot more investing. Investing in my relationship with Jesus Christ and in my family.

It is going to be a long road. It is so easy to get caught up in so many things but I am realizing that my priorities have been so very wrong. Checking my face book for the umpteenth time is not and never should be more important then time with my son, husband or Savior.

Sadly, I have allowed it to be.

That is my confession. I am addicted to the computer BUT with God's help I am choosing to turn from that and start investing in HIM and THEM.

Please pray for me for strength to continue to cut back. It is definitely a life style switch! But oh such a good one :)

So what have been some things the Lord has been working on in you? I would love to pray for you!

Thanks for being so patient with me! Things are going to continue to be a little bit quiet on here as I continue to strive to obey the Lord and work on this but don't worry I will still be popping in to let you know how is it going!

May the Lord bless you richly!

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14 Thoughts

  1. Thanks so much for your honesty. The computer is soooo magnetic, but I think you're right in allowing the Lord to work in you in this area. I've definitely been through seasons of cutting back and getting back to the right priorities. I'll be praying for you, friend!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement Naomi! YOu are such a blessing :)

  2. Such a great post! I can really relate with this! The computer really CAN be so addicting! Praying that God gives us both strength to get over this!!

    1. It is nice to know that I am not alone! Thanks for the encouragement :) Blessings!

  3. I have been realizing the same thing - I am addicted too. Pinterest and emailing, blogging, etc. have been so time consuming for me and I am realizing I am spending more time talking about my life than I am living it!!! Thanks for the encouragement, I'm going to work on this too. Resolved!!! :)

    1. It really is nice to know that I am not alone! Praying for you!! :) We can do this with the Lords help!

  4. Incredible pictures! :) I'll be praying. ;)
    Love in Christ,

  5. So true! It is easy to be caught up in reading about how you can do things with your life, and then never get around to actually doing it. :) This reminded me of a conversation I had recently about photography (sounds unrelated, but bear with me). I see people taking pictures of everything, and I do appreciate that they record things that I don't take time to record. But, in the end, I'd rather have experienced, say, that sunset, rather than having my memory be of taking a picture of the sunset. You know? Just like with FB and blogs... if you look at everything with the view of... 'hmm! I could post this on FB!', then that moment isn't so great because you're already planning how to share it with the world. Anyway, just some thoughts.

    I am encouraged to see that you are willing to set things aside, even if it is hard, for what is more important, like spending time with your family. :) You are a beautiful example to us young ladies who hope to get married someday. (and of course the internet thing can be applied even if you're not married. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your thoughts! definitely true! Blessings :)

  6. Katy, we live in an age where we are so inundated with internet, computers, cell phones, etc and it can be so addicting. Like you said, just to check on one thing can easily tun into an hour spent looking at a screen instead of investing in one of the most precious gifts that God has given us - our children. Our lives are to be poured into them and an example of godliness and yet how can we be all that we are to be when our time is....wasted. When I had my little girl, I went through the same struggle. I would get off the computer so frustrated with myself until finally I made a decision to only be on when she was napping. Since I made that "rule", I have not dealt much with that frustration! I no longer feel guilty of spending time with the computer rather than my baby while she is awake and needing me! I don't want regrets. It surely is a problem with stay at home mom's these days but with a few changes, you can make a difference. Try it, it worked for me. :)

  7. Thank you so much for this Emily! I really do think I am going to start implementing this rule. It is so needed! I appreciate that encouragement :) Blessings!

  8. What beautiful pictures,and what a beautiful little boy ;) You are truly blessed!! I am one of nine, and having a family is great fun ;)


    1. Thank you so so much! :) That is fun!!! We will see if we get up to nine! :)


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