A Sneak Peek

11:29 AM

Today I am 22 years old! 
I am planning on doing a post later about the blessings I have been pondering over as I have thought of the last year. And I thought I would give you a sneak peek of the two biggest blessings the Lord has given me :) I am off to go on a date with my husband who brought me breakfast in bed this morning :) What are some blessings the Lord has given you lately?

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4 Thoughts

  1. That is such a cute picture!!! :) Elijah looks so adorable... :) I'm thankful for the blessing of AIR CONDITIONING! ahhh!!! :) I would be cooking without it right now, it is soo hot!!

  2. oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!! You make a beautiful mother and wife! God has truly given you the desires of your heart, hasn't He? What a blessing. I love this family photo, it is so so so warm and sweet and just makes me grin :)

    Love to you all.

  4. I'm Anna Nix's mom (She's at www.youngandmarried.net). She's mentioned your blog to me. You and Anna are so close in age and life milestones! How wonderful to already be married and a mother as you turn 22. What a very blessed woman you are! So glad you're clinging to Christ as you enter your 23rd year! Happy, happy birthday!!!
    Denise Reynolds


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